Tuesday, December 25, 2012
  • boingboing: Universal, Sony Get View Counts Cut

    Universal and Sony Music have both their view counts and channels drastically cut by YouTube. ...Read the whole story

  • Reuters: Google Vs. Amazon War Heating Up As Platform Lines Continue To Blur

    Quasi frenemies Google and Amazon are poised to become less friendly in the year ahead as the worlds of online advertising, retail, commerce, mobile and cloud computing blur putting them into more direct competition. A news analysis by Reuters suggests that the rivalry will begin to escalate this year due to some strategic decisions by both online giants. "For instance, Amazon's decision to use a stripped down version of Google's Android system in its new Kindle Fire tablet, coupled with Google's ambitious plans for its Motorola mobile devices unit, will only add to tensions," Reuters reports. ...Read the whole story

  • Paid Content: E-Singles Are 'The Format For Our Time'

    2012 was the year that e-singles -- 5,000- to-30,000-word, mostly nonfiction articles published in digital format, many of which were previously published by major newspapers like the New York Times -- came into their own, writes Laura Hazard Owen in PaidContent. E-singles are also arguably "the format for our time," since they "fit perfectly with the curl-up-with-your-iPad phenomenon."  ...Read the whole story

  • All Things D: Holdout 'WSJ' Signs Up For Apple's Sub Service

    The Wall Street Journal, among the most prominent holdouts from Apple's iTunes store, is now available through digital subscriptions through Apple's "Newsstand" service, according to All Things D. "Earlier this year, Time Inc., which had been the most prominent holdout, also signed on," writes Peter Kafka. ...Read the whole story

Mobile Trends 2013: What's The Bottom Line?

Mobile promises to be even bigger in the company year. There are many trends we're anticipating as continued adoption, both by consumers and at the enterprise level, progresses. ...More

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