Friday, January 4, 2013
Blaxsploitgettiwestern, Anyone?

"Django" can be a hard pill to swallow. Of course it's offensive to think of slavery as the subject of an exciting new action-entertainment genre for Tarantino to use for fun and profit. But the ironic ...More

  • And That's The Way It Was (Allah Be Praised?)

    It's hard to decide which makes less sense, Al Gore getting about $100 million for creating a boring-ass cable network that failed at every turn, or Al Jazeera thinking that Americans will somehow now start tuning ...More

  • The Year Ahead, What We Can Learn From 2012

    Many of the trends we saw in 2012 -- from the ongoing rise of social advertising to the success of video beyond pre-roll and in-stream -- continue to challenge the industry in 2013. ...More

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