Friday, February 1, 2013
  • Google Emerges As Madison Avenue's Top Media Brand, A First For A Pure-Play Digital Supplier

    A digital media company -- Google -- ranks as the highest in terms of Madison Avenue's overall brand perception for the first time in an annual survey of advertisers and agency executives. The results, which are being released today as part of the "What Advertisers Think About The Industry's Highest Rated Media Brands," is based on the opinions of more than 2,000 advertisers and agency executives polled by Advertiser Perceptions Inc. ...Read the whole story

  • Draftfcb Shifts Media Ops To Mediabrands, Enhances Client Services

    Interpublic Group's Draftfcb is undergoing a major reorganization, with its media operation shifting to sibling organization Mediabrands. The move, which comes amid a search for a new CEO, will enable Draftfcb to refocus its practice on core competencies, including creative, strategic planning, data management, CRM and digital. ...Read the whole story

  • More Media Acquisitions Forecast For 2013

    The advertising industry should brace for more acquisitions similar to those seen in 2012, according to John Kaiser, managing director at investment firm DeSilva & Phillips. He points to Dentsu's acquisition of Aegis Group for nearly $5 billion, while IBM paid $1.3 billion for Kenexa. Factors favoring M&A point to strategic and financial buyers with unprecedented amounts of cash and credit. ...Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl Ads Measured In Relevancy, Audi Parks In Top Spot

    Scoring the value of the Super Bowl XLVII these days comes down to advertising and searches, rather than scrimmages and touchdowns. Experian created a method to determine a brand's lift to determine ROI and ad value. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Debuts Reusable Gift Card

    Facebook introduced a reusable gift card that people can give to friends through the Gifts program for use at four partner companies: Target, Jamba Juice, Olive Garden and Sephora. After receiving a Facebook Card in the mail, subsequent card gifts will be automatically added to the balance for one or more of the participating stores. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablet Market Rockets: 52 Million Sold In Q4

    Worldwide tablet shipments grew 75% in the fourth quarter to a record 52.5 million units as lower average selling prices, a wide range of choices and season spending drove up sales. Shipments were up nearly as much from the prior quarter as from a year ago, per IDC. ...Read the whole story

  • iPhone User Files New App-Privacy Complaint

    A federal judge dismissed New Jersey resident Maria Pirozzi's potential class-action privacy lawsuit against Apple. Now Pirozzi is trying again with a new complaint that offers more details about her allegations. ...Read the whole story

The Bug & I

"Barbara Lippert owes an apology to every single non-black Jamaican for implying that they do not exist!" That's a snippet of one of the more polite notes of the hundreds I've received since Monday morning, when ...More

  • The Only Thing Super Is The Spot Price

    In an effort to squeeze every ROI penny out of the nearly $4 million, 30-second spot cost (not including the creative expenses), advertisers are working overtime to create multiplatform ways to interact with their brands, other ...More

  • The Future Of Content Is Context

    Flash facts can be just as nutritious as long-form media. Why? Because long-form media creates its own context. ...More

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