Results for February 2006

Is BlogBurst The New EBay?
Last week, news of Pluck's blogger content syndication initiative, dubbed "BlogBurst," leaked into the media industry consciousness through, naturally, mentions on a handful of well-read blogs.» 0 Comments
Just Say No To Ad Networks
Before you sign on or renew agreements with companies that harvest inventory you have grown, you should consider the money you lose with every dollar you make leasing out your inventory to a third-party seller.» 0 Comments
Trade Marketing, Or Trade-Off Marketing?
I still can't watch Super Bowl ads without thinking about 1999 and 2000, and the frenzy then to "aggregate eyeballs." No term has become so archaic so quickly. And that's a shame, because while the theory and actual execution of "aggregating eyeballs" six years ago was often folly at its worst and suspect at its best, the need for online publishers to continually innovate in consumer marketing has not changed.» 0 Comments
Ten Things I Think I Know
This column is in honor of Peter King, famed football columnist for Sports Illustrated. I borrowed the section header of his popular weekly column on for the title of my column today.» 0 Comments