• Be My Brand Bae: The Age of Chat's Implications For Advertising
    If you ever get the chance to see Erin Yogasundram present, you should. Erin is the 24-year-old CEO and founder of Shop Jeen, a "playground for Gen Z and young Millennials to explore, share, shop, experiment, interact, learn & discover," and she is rewriting the future of fashion retail. For Erin, product, sales, social marketing, customer service, branded content and customer service aren't separate things, bolted together across departments and agencies; they are one thing, organically inseparable.
  • Marketing Technology Will Collapse The Digital-Ad Supply Chain
    I've written a couple of times recently about my views on the rise of marketing technology and its implication for our industry. Lots of folks have been reacting to it, so I'm taking that as a message that I should continue to push forward on this meme. I believe that the rise of mar tech is going to have an enormous impact on the structure and operation of the digital advertising supply chain. Put simply, it will obliterate the supply chain as we know it today.
  • Life Doesn't Suck, And The Internet Shouldn't Either
    When did it get ok to start hating everything and to publicly convey your negative opinions in a demeaning, hurtful manner? When did society become so blatantly angry? When did the trolls take over?
  • To Get The Hip Is To Get What It Means To Be Canadian
    Something strange happened last Saturday night. An entire nation stopped to watch a rock concert. And I mean the entire nation. As far as Canada was concerned, even the Olympics were put on hold when the Tragically Hip took the stage in Kingston.
  • Let's Be Radical In 2017!
    Many of you are gearing up for 2017. You are determining budgets, developing strategies and detailing plans. And I ask you: why not be radical?
  • What Skills Do Your Kids Need For The Future? Try This
    I don't know what the jobs of the future look like. There may not even be jobs. But regardless, there are some things the world needs people to study urgently: things like philosophy, ethics, behavioral science, psychology and the like. We urgently need to better understand why we do what we do, and what our moral frameworks are. It's not that we shouldn't teach technology. Technology is, in fact, the very reason we need more kids to study philosophy and ethics.
  • Marketing Conferences: Time To Raise The Bar
    Maybe it's just me, but I feel marketing conference experiences are becoming a grind. I think there's too much bad and ugly going on to offset the good. That is, unless you're careful.
  • Simplification Of The Datascape & Mediascape
    Being an ad guy at heart, and one who specifically grew out of media, I love seeing the role of media professionals become front and center in the digital economy. But it's interesting because media is getting both easier and harder at the very same time.
  • NBC's Grip On Olympic Gold Slipping
    The Olympics is probably the biggest show on earth. With the possible exception of the World Cup, it's the time when the highest number of people on the planet are all watching the same thing at the same time. This makes it advertising nirvana. Or it should.
  • The Arms Race In Ad-Block Land
    Last week Facebook retaliated against ad blockers by launching an ad-block blocker. This happened on Aug. 9, and by Aug. 11, the good folks at Adblock Plus had provided an update that continued to block Facebook ad content. Facebook, not to be outdone, launched an update to the Adblock Plus update, nullifying the quick work of the ad blocker's engineers. By Aug. 12, at 4:30 a.m. Pacific Time, those engineers launched their latest update. And in return, the Facebook engineers quickly "hackathonned" their way to yet another patch, which they released on the 12th at around 10 a.m. Pacific (so ...
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