• The Voice, Unbundled
    Forget about Millennials. Anyone trying to understand the future of media and technology should observe what the children do. First of all, they talk to computers.
  • Addressable TV: If It's So Smart, Why Isn't It Rich?
    Addressable TV continues to heat up as a topic. It's exceptional media, but continues to be a small fraction of TV by spend. EMarketer says addressable TV was 1.3% of TV spending last year, but another e-Marketer article says 30 to 50 million households are addressable. That's a disconnect. The big reason for that disconnect is that addressable boxes show mostly linear TV. Ads inserted at the network level don't benefit from addressability, and don't count as addressable ad spend, even though they are showing on an addressable box.
  • TV Networks Consider Dumping Commercials For 468x60 Banners
    According to an unnamed source, the major TV and cable networks are unanimously considering dropping the 30-second and 60-second commercial formats, replacing them with the old-school standard of 468x60 banners layered over content. The 468x60 banner was discontinued from wide use online about 12 to 13 years ago, but the networks all agree that the commercial format has no future and are looking for new ways to entice viewers to engage with ads. The one question they are still looking to answer: How does one click a banner on a TV screen? Did you believe that opening paragraph? There's no ...
  • The Calcification Of A Columnist
    I've been writing for MediaPost for over 12 years now. Many -- if not most -- of my columns have been focused on the intersection between technology and human behavior. I'm fascinated by what happens when evolved instincts meet technological disruption. When I started this gig, I was mostly optimistic. I was amazed by the possibilities, and -- somewhat naively, it turns out -- believed tech would make us better. Unlimited access to information, the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, new ways to reach beyond the limits of our own DNA: How could this not make humans amazing? Why, ...
  • Media Trading Transparency: Where There's Smoke...
    It's undoubtedly true that advertisers have cut back on the fees they pay agencies for their services. There is a chicken-and-egg question here: Has this happened because agencies seem to be making large sums of money? Or are agencies being forced to find new sources of income, because advertisers have been cutting back?
  • Giving Thanks For The Ad Council (And All Of You)
    Every year I'm afforded the unique and wonderful opportunity of sharing my personal thoughts with all of you in this column on the day before Thanksgiving. This year I'm feeling especially sensitive to things that are going on around us. Needless to say, it's been a very interesting year. I am thankful that we all have a voice, and that our voices can be heard.
  • The Mindful Democracy Manifesto
    Call it the Frog in Boiling Water Syndrome. It happens when creeping changes in our environment reach a disruptive tipping point that triggers massive change -- or, sometimes, a dead frog. I think we're going through one such scenario now. In this case, the boiling water may be technology, and the frog may be democracy.
  • Giving Thanks To Our Broken Industry
    It is Thanksgiving this week, and it is customary to share what you're thankful for. So here goes:
  • The One Essential Skill You Need In The Facebook Era
    "If I were to run, I'd run as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country... I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific," said Donald Trump in a 1998 People magazine interview. Except, of course, he didn't.
  • Moving Past The Echo Chamber Of Our Own Jargon
    GRP. CPM. CPA. DSP. DMP. That is how we talk to each other. That is how we talk to our clients. That is a problem.
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