• Consumers In The Wild
    Your world is a much different place than the African savanna. But over 100,000 generations of evolution that started on those plains still dictate a remarkable degree of our modern behavior.
  • Next On Consumers' To-Block List: Content Marketing!
    It was Advertising Week in New York last week, and the discussions about ad blocking, content marketing and media revenue models were manifold. In one session, Google's head of advertising, Sridhar Ramaswamy, said that the reason consumers are evading marketing messages is due to "crappy ad experiences," a technical term in marketing meaning... well, crappy ad experiences.
  • Finding The Right Partners To Help Weather The Storm
    In case you haven't noticed, things are a little crazy right now. Wall Street is responding to many different unstable elements and the market is going up and down too quickly. With the economy in such a state of flux, and the possibility of an impending correction looming, the marketing and advertising environment will be scrutinized as it was in 1994, 2001 and 2008. How are you going to weather the storm?
  • Do We Really Want Virtual Reality?
    Facebook bought Oculus. Its goal is to control the world you experience while wearing a pair of modified ski goggles. Mark Zuckerberg is stoked. Netflix is stoked. Marketers the world over are salivating. But how should you feel about this? Personally, I'm scared. I may even be terrified.
  • Let The Blame Games Begin!
    If we didn't already, now we know for sure that consumers don't love our brands and ads so much. Apparently, they're prepared to pay to ban intrusive and non-relevant advertising from their lives. People love the ability to block marketing efforts, whether it's ad blocking for $2.99 or an ad-free subscription with Hulu, Netflix or Amazon.
  • Ad Blocking Is Destroying The Internet -- And That Might Be Just What It Needs
    Psst. Over here. Yes, you. I have a secret. Promise you won't tell? OK, here goes: You know how you can get all this amazing free stuff on the Internet? You can read anything you want, learn anything you want, watch anything you want? Well, that's the secret: It isn't actually free.
  • The Death Of The News Brand
    If trend lines are to be drawn into the future from recent events, the death of the news brand is coming. The clock started not with the rise of the Internet, or the writing of ad-blocking code, but with the philosophy and construction of Web 2.0.
  • The Sad State Of Mobile Advertising (I'm Crying On The Inside)
    Let's be honest for a minute. My wife and I both love advertising. We're an anomaly in a lot of ways, but one is we tend to discuss what we like and didn't about the ads we see ("Chicken parm, you taste so good" is our current favorite). Last week, when I was coming up with my idea for this week's column, we coincidentally commented on the very same thing in passing conversation. The topic was what I decided to discuss this week. Simply put: The majority of ads on mobile SUCK!
  • Innovating Along the Edges
    If you want innovation, go to Switzerland. According to the Global Innovation Index, the Swiss are the most innovative people on the planet. Next is the U.K., then Sweden. The Dutch are pretty damn innovative, too, coming in at number four. Then you have the good old USA rounding up the top 5. So what makes a country innovative? And by extension, what lessons can we learn about encouraging innovation generally?
  • Media2020: Five Marketing (Pipe)Dreams
    In a recent study, 200 senior marketing and media decision-makers revealed their dreams and aspirations for the year 2020 for our beloved profession. It is fair to say that many of their 2020 wishes sound more like the stuff of dreams. It's hard to see how, given current realities, any of the following will become a reality:
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