• Why Every Single Brand Needs An App
    Well, hello, brand marketers out there. It's time to shut the door in the face of the Grinch who stole your media budget. It's time to celebrate that you made it to the end of the year (albeit with a few bumps and bruises). Be thankful you survived the umpteenth reorg and restructuring, budget cut, CMO and/or agency firing/hiring.
  • Nov. 21 Was World Television Day: Woo-Hoo?
    In case you missed it, last Friday was World Television Day. And it was not brought to you by Toyota or McDonald's, NBC or even NPR. No, this was a United Nations-led initiative backed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Association of Commercial Television (ACT) and egta, the Brussels-based association of television and radio sales houses. Regular readers of this column know that I am frequently critical of the role TV today plays as an advertising medium. But why not celebrate TV once a year? Let's face it, TV is and probably continues to be an incredibly powerful medium, ...
  • Thanks, Biz, But I Don't Need To Know What's On Your Mind
    It's Twitter founder Biz Stone's latest venture: Super, an app designed to let people speak their minds. "It's loud, it's bright, and we think you'll dig it," they say in the FAQ. It is, of course, well-designed. It's got Bill Murray on the homepage, which is almost unfairly awesome. There's a virtual certainty that Super will gain some measure of success, depending largely on how you define such things.
  • It's Time For Industry To Change The Way TV Is Measured
    It may seem a bit like piling on, but I think that it's finally time for the TV industry to change the way audience and ads are measured, bought and sold. Its measurement is broken and needs to be fixed. Just this past week, quite uncharacteristically, even Nielsen made a case for fixing things.
  • Bad Practices From The Front Lines Of Sales
    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" -- for salespeople. I should actually rephrase that to "they were the best of tactics, they were the worst of tactics," because there are some pretty poor tactics employed by salespeople these days, which is funny given all the tools and insights available to them.
  • Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising
    What, exactly, makes a digital ad creepy? This is a question many people would prefer to ignore, instead abandoning social media or even the Internet altogether. (It's easy to fear what you don't understand, and easier still to run from what you fear.) But as the CEO of a data-centric ad tech company, thinking about this is one of the most important responsibilities I have.
  • Multi-Screen, Multitasking Consumer May Not Want Your Message
    I always say that it is good to have science fiction and science facts. You need science fiction to dream about what might be possible -- but ultimately, science facts rule and help to frame your understanding.
  • Mark Sagar, Andy Serkis Prompt Questions About Ethics Of Virtual Reality
    "I'm just going to step over here, where she can't see me," says Academy Award-winner Mark Sagar, walking off to the side of the stage. "Now it's like I've abandoned her." On the big screen, the baby starts to look around, worry growing on her chubby face. After a few moments, her eyes fill with tears. 700 people emit a spontaneous, "Awww!" Mark jumps back into frame. "Don't worry, darling! I'm here. Everything's OK." The baby calms down.
  • Is Jason Hirschhorn Building The New 'Bundle'?
    At a Paley Center for Media event this week, I listened to CNN anchor Brian Stelter probe Jason Hirschhorn on why he started MediaREDEF-- the daily media roundup that is fast becoming indispensable to people in our industry -- and where he was taking it next. I began to wonder if I was listening to the answer to a question that I wonder about quite a bit: "What will the new bundle be?"
  • ABCs Of The Retailer's Q4 Customer Journey: Coffee Is For Closers
    There are two movies I, and probably most people around my age, quote when referring to marketing and sales: "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Boiler Room." "Glengarry" gets quoted more often, so I decided to focus on only one analogy from that movie to discuss the marketer's role in this retail-heavy period of the year. The ultimate rule of "Glengarry" is A-B-C: Always Be Closing.
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