• The Nature Of Advertising Heralds Its Own Implosion
    Long-time readers of this column may recall I run TEDxChristchurch, an annual event which is barreling down on me for next Saturday. I am neck-deep in speaker rehearsals, volunteer briefings, name tags and goody bags. I am also neck-deep in ideas. As one of our speaker coaches so eloquently put it, sometimes I feel like my brain is leaking out of my ears.
  • How Come So Many Marketers Have Mobile-First Strategies, But So Few Are Hispanic-First?
    Lots of folks talk about the importance of multicultural marketing in the U.S., but you don't hear many of them talk (or implement) Hispanic-first marketing or media strategies, despite the enormous growth and importance of Hispanics as the critical growth market for so many U.S. consumer brands. Ironically, almost every day, we hear many of these same brands declare themselves to be social-first or mobile-first. How come?
  • Different Ghosts For Different Folks: Why Snapchat's New Advertising Strategy is Smarter Than It Looks
    Last week, photo- and video-sharing app Snapchat released an ad for Universal Pictures' film "Ouija," marking the first foray into ad monetization for the company, recently valued at $10 billion. But unlike its competitors, Snapchat is not targeting its new ads to specific users. Instead, the company is taking a one-ad-fits-all approach. To many following the evolution of advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the company's announcement -- admitting that contextual advertising is better, while also announcing that it wasn't doing it -- was befuddling.
  • Are You Genuine? (Sales & Marketing Leaders Should Be)
    In marketing, sales, the agency business and leadership, being genuine and authentic is a requirement. When you don't have those qualities, your audience and colleagues can smell it a mile away.
  • The Unstoppable Growth Of Programmatic Is Going To Kill Jobs
    Darn it, I really wanted to write a rant about Twitter profiles from people that put a #hashtag #in #front #of #every #word #in #their #profile. Or people that qualify their profile with monikers like #thoughtleader or #insert-other-pretentious-claptrap-here. But alas, events in programmatic last week forced me to ditch my plans, and focus once again on programmatic's unstoppable rise and rise.
  • What City-Making Can Teach Google About The Way Our Brains Work
    I live in a city that has been almost entirely destroyed by earthquakes. I’m not being hyperbolic, either: over 70% of the footprint of central Christchurch either collapsed in the 2011 shakes, or has been or needs to be demolished as a result of quake damage.

    As a result, pretty much the entire city (population roughly 400,000) has become active in conversations they might never otherwise have contemplated, questions like: What should our transportation system look like? How do we make our streets friendlier to pedestrians? What kind of tradeoffs are we prepared to make between the cost of building ...

  • Nope, Sorry, You Should Still Shut Up And Love the Cable Bundle
    Everyone seems to be cheering yesterday's announcement by HBO CEO Richard Plepler that, starting next year, its content will be available as a standalone over-the-top streaming service. Boom! No cable or satellite subscription needed for "Game of Thrones" anymore! And now CBS is launching its own over-the-top streaming service, with live streams from a dozen markets plus a backlog of current and "classic" content. For a lot of TV junkies who have been itching to ditch their cable bundles, this is like Christmas morning. Hard truth for you: That big, bad bundle that everyone loves to hate is what makes ...
  • Does Dirty Data Detract From Your Day?
    How much time do you spend with dirty data? Are you even thinking about the time lost trying to clean it up? What would you do if you could have spotless data in real time?
  • Red Bull Gives You Whinge
    Last week, Red Bull, iconic "media company" -- and in its spare time, energy drink manufacturer -- lost a landmark (and borderline insane) lawsuit. It was sued by customers who said they were misled by the famous slogan: "Red Bull gives you wings."
  • Global Agency Media Deals: Trust Us Because We Are Big (And Thus Biased)
    You may have read that Omnicom Media Group announced a big deal last week with iHeartMedia (formerly known as Clear Channel Communications) worth $200 million per year. Omnicom also signed a deal with Twitter worth $230 million per year in May, as well as an Instagram deal worth up to $100 million. Don't think other agency groups have been quiet on the big-deal, big-money front, either. In 2013, WPP and Twitter closed a substantial "multimillion" agreement, as did Starcom MediaVest (SMV). SMV's parent, Publicis Groupe, also announced a multi-year, multimillion arrangement with Facebook earlier this year, as well as a ...
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