• Too Many Fish In The Sea: The Search For Brand Love
    I still see -- in a number of MediaPost articles and in other places -- a lot of talk about "brand love." So let's talk about that.
  • Agency Holding Companies' Series of Unfortunate Events
    It's a tough time to have a senior job on the agency holding company side. P&G exec Marc Pritchard's call to arms to right the ship that is (digital) advertising was immediately followed by a P&G media review in Northwest Europe. And a number of further bombs have hit the bastion of agency holding companies' business.
  • This Article Is NOT About Trump
    This article is not about Trump, but we're going to have to go through him to get to the point.
  • Bubble Trouble
    15 years ago, the Pew Research Center opined that there was no evidence of "information bubbles." We had asked because we suspected that the human proclivity to select self-validating conversations would find fertile ground in (then-nascent) social media.15 years on, the information bubble concept has found popular appeal as "echo chambers." The idea is that as people define the filters on their communications using online channels, they inevitably filter out points of view they might disagree with. This includes who we "friend" or follow. The result, for each individual, is the illusion that society generally agrees with his or her ...
  • Rise Of Fake News, Decline Of Social Media?
    Can the impact of fake news and the resulting backlash actually strengthen mainstream news outlets and dismantle Facebook and Twitter over time?
  • Why Can't Markets Be Moral?
    Last week, I said there was an emerging market for morality. I painted that particular picture in a somewhat negative light. Andrew Goodman, a fellow Canadian whom I have always admired both for his intellect and morality, called me on it (via my Facebook feed): "Nice post, but I was hoping for a little more from this." I'll paraphrase Andrew's eloquent and lengthy reply by boiling it down to essentially this: Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures and if that has to come from corporations and their advertising, then so be it.
  • AI Is Here To Kill Your Job (2017 Edition)
    Loyal readers know that I have frequently written about "the dawn of the robots." A recent flurry of articles on the subject of our automated future has more than strengthened my belief that it will be AI - 1, Humanity - 0 in the foreseeable future.
  • VR's Distribution Problem
    The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Sony Playstation VR are separate systems with their own specs, and there is no guarantee that applications and content developed for one platform will run on another. Not to mention AR platforms like Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. This creates a major distribution challenge for VR app developers, and content creators, and brands seeking marketing opportunities within these new experiences.
  • Will Bud's Super Bowl Ad Backfire?
    As recent events have shown, we are living in the age of feeling versus an age of reason. It's a time when people often act - or react - first without having any, or all, of the facts. And the media may (or may not) be reading more into things than are actually there. Take for example, Budweiser's "Born the Hard Way" Super Bowl ad.
  • Creativity In Times Of Chaos
    It's a fact: Creativity thrives in times of chaos and angst. I anticipate some amazingly creative work over the next four years. This year's crop of Super Bowl ads was a beginning.
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