• Digitizing The Family Vacation Creates Time To Experience Your Family
    How broad is the definition of a "digital experience" in today's world? Will my kids remember how quaint this era of digital is compared to what they'll see when they're older?
  • The Spreading Activation Model Of Advertising
    "Beatle." I have just primed you. Before you even finished reading the word above, you had things popping into your mind. Perhaps it was a mental image of an individual Beatle: either John, Paul, George or Ringo. Perhaps it was a snippet of song. Perhaps it was grainy black-and-white footage of the group's first Ed Sullivan show appearance. But as the concept "Beatle" entered your working memory, your brain was hard at work retrieving what you believed were relevant concepts from your long-term memory. (By the way, if your reaction was "What's a Beatle?" -- substitute "Imagine Dragons.")
  • Can Someone Please Uberize The Video Ad Model?
    It's easy to forget that the TV industry is in a real pickle. We forget because we are spoiled with content like "House of Cards" (Netflix) or "Bosch" (Amazon), and a multitude of other network and cable shows -- as well as more and more opportunities to consume it all now or later. It seems content creators have never had it so good, and were never as good at their craft, as they are now. But while content is living large, advertising formats still live in the Stone Age.
  • Even Facebook Isn't Using Facebook To Communicate With Investors
    You know those old chestnuts: Accountants never get around to doing their own taxes. Advertising agencies don't advertise. Plumbers have leaky pipes. And now, there's Facebook, the No. 1 social media platform in the Western world. For obvious reasons, the company doesn't use competitor channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. But according to a recent study by Investis, Facebook execs also fail to use their own channel well.
  • Six Signs We're In The Postdigital Age Of Advertising
    One day, advertising will enter a "postdigital age," when the concept and word "digital" will move into the background, where agencies and titles remove that moniker, where conversations switch from the pipes to the content. We're not there yet; we may be five years away.
  • Marketers: How To Succeed With Data
    Developing a data strategy can be a daunting task for a marketer because, simply put, you were never trained to think about data. That being said, step one is to admit what you don't know so you can surround yourself with the people who do.
  • Consumption In Context
    It was interesting watching my family watch the Oscars Sunday night. Given that I'm the father of two Millennials, who have paired with their own respective Millennials, you can bet that it was a multiscreen affair. But to be fair, they weren't the only ones splitting their attention among the TV and various mobile devices. I was also screen-hopping.
  • Why Jennifer Aniston Sounds Like She's On Helium -- And Marketers (Maybe) Shouldn't Trust Their Media Agencies
    Forgive me for not talking about the Oscars, but I once again find reason to rant on the basis of a bunch of news stories that caught my eye last week. The Wall Street Journal reported that certain U.S. TV channels have started speeding up the replay of some TV shows like "Seinfeld" or "Friends" in order to free up more minutes they can sell.
  • Is Google Glass Poised To Become The Betamax Of Wearables?
    "We're running a clinical trial on the use of Google Glass in a hospital setting," said the young man across from me, excitedly. "This could change everything!" "Oh," I replied. "But didn't Google just cancel the Glass program?"
  • Media Usage Does Not Always Mean Ad-Reach Opportunity
    Judged by their actions and words, it seems many industry folks believe that "media usage" is directly linked with a corresponding opportunity to reach those people with ads. On the contrary: The two things are not the same, and believing it won't make it so.
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