Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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    • AOL Earnings: Keep An Eye On Programmatic NumbersTrefis

      AOL will release its Q2 2014 earnings on Wednesday, August 6, and Trefis says the portal's RTB (real-time bidding) revenue growth will be in focus. ...Read the whole story

    • Domino's Goes Real-Time With X-FactorMarketing

      Domino's is running a series of ecommerce and real-time promotions to mark its return as the sponsor of ITV's X Factor app. Domino's will run several interactive campaigns throughout the upcoming "X Factor" series using the media owner's second-screen ad format Ad Sync. Users will be able to play the games during ad syncs timed for when the commercial break begins. Players are rewarded with prizes including money-off vouchers stored in a new wallet feature built into the app. ...Read the whole story


    The RTB 500 is a composite of the real-time price of media on 500 leading publishers. Index value shown is yesterday’s (Jan. 9, 2017) average. Change is compared to the previous day's average. Click to see the current value in real-time.

    Content Can't Be King Without Context

    The mantra for the digital age is "content is king." But without context, content is a king without a crown. Context is the surrounding environment adding relevance and meaning to content. Unless content is placed in ...More

    • Hyperbabble Of The Day

      "[Company] continues to democratize machine learning by making it easier than ever for anyone to integrate impression-level, machine decisioning into their real-time bidding system." ...More

    • The Fantasy About Growing A Sport In The U.S.

      While football, at all levels, is too far entrenched in the culture of American sports for anyone to reasonably isolate individual causes for the NFL's astronomical growth, it's no secret that fantasy football has been instrumental ...More

    • Mobile Deals for Those Who Want Them