• Fitness Tracker Alone Is Get-In-Shape Motivation
    According to The NPD Group, the sports instruments market hit the ground running in 2015, growing 6% in dollar sales and 2% in unit sales in the 12 months ending January 2015 (Feb'14-Jan'15).
  • Extreme Publishing And Connected Customer Communication Defined
    According to material from Adotas, and reported by John Philpin in a Lyris blog, we are living in a golden age of massive creativity with people creating and publishing their work directly to their audience. But we, the audience, have to work harder to find it.
  • The Value Of A Brand Loyalty Program
    According to the 2015 Loyalty Report from Bond Brand Loyalty, the past year saw more and more consumers opt-in to a variety of different loyalty programs with consumers overwhelmingly agreeing that loyalty programs are worth the effort.
  • US And China To Hold 62% Of Global Mobile Ad Spend Next Year
    According to new figures from eMarketer, the global mobile advertising market will hit two significant milestones in 2016, surpassing $100 billion in spending and accounting for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure for the first time.
  • What Is The Internet Of Things World?
    The Internet of Things (IoT). Or the Internet of Everything. Or the Internet of Your Things. It all depends. Gartner called it the most hyped technology of 2014.
  • Branded Apps On Connected TVs Proliferating
    According to The NPD Group Connected Home Report, as of the fourth quarter of 2014 there were 22 million connected TVs installed and accessing the Internet, a significant increase from 13 million one year ago.
  • Time Shifted TV Viewing Is The Default
    According to new research from Hub Entertainment Research "Time Shifting" viewers, who have broadband and watch at least 5 hours of TV per week, time-shift more TV than they watch live.
  • A Fashion Divide For Millennial Women
    According to a new analysis from GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer, by Cathy Saraniti, Senior Vice President at GfK MRI, thinking of Millennials as a single target can blur distinctions marketers need to make decisions.
  • Ya Gotta Talk-The-Talk
    ... 85% of companies agree their sales teams' ability to articulate value messages is one of the most critical factors in closing deals, yet only about 41% implement formal strategies to ensure an effective presentation.
  • 44% Of US Adult Household Without Landlines
    According to GfK Mediamark Research, 44% of US adults live in households with cell phones, but no landline telephones; this cell phone-only population has grown by 70% since 2010.
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