• Global Social Media Trends
    In the e-commerce industry, Germany has the highest Facebook CTR (Click Through Rate) at 1.62%, followed by the United States at 1.54%, as Global Facebook CPM (Cost Per Thousand) grew 65% year-over-year to $6.33, with a global CTR of 1.29%.
  • Convenience Store Efficiencies Serve Mobile Consumers
    The continued growth of e-commerce, the rise of subscription and home delivery services, and the increasing use of mobile commerce is forcing retail marketers to re-think how they market, engage, and sell products.
  • Texting Is Millennials' Favorite For Business Communication
    According to a new study and report by OpenMarket, SMS is the first choice for customers age 18-34 engagement, with texting cited as the most preferred communication channel for receiving notifications from businesses.
  • The Renaissance Of Out-Of-Home Advertising
    OOH has a storied history that can be traced to obelisks in Egypt, circus posters in the 19th century, and a holiday campaign from Coca-Cola in the early 20th century.
  • Importance Of Google-My-Business For Search Engine Optimization
    According to a new analysis of the importance of Google My Business for local Search Engine Optimization, reported by ClickZ, it is essential.
  • Snapchat Engages Millennials and GenZ
    According to a new eMarketer study, the social network Snapchat is expected to generate more than $360 million in worldwide revenue this year, with that figure jumping more than 150% to nearly $1 billion by next year.
  • Best Day For Email Sending Is Neither Black Nor White
    According to a new study from Yesmail, with data from almost 7 billion emails deployed in Q2 2016 to identify the best day for email sends, marketers need to consider a number of factors including industry, conversion rates, engagement metrics and more. But determining THE day of the week for major email deployments is not as black-and-white as many marketers think.
  • Mobile And Programmatic Focus Du Jour
    According to an AdRoll survey of a thousand US marketers across industries, this year marketers are thinking mobile first, despite persistent challenges.
  • Customers Happiest With Streaming Video Paired with Pay TV
    Overall satisfaction with paid streaming video service is highest among customers who subscribe to a traditional cable/satellite service in addition to streaming video service (cord stackers,) according to the J.D. Power 2016 Streaming Video Satisfaction Study.
  • 50% Of Recent U.S. Population Growth From Hispanic & Latino Communities
    Hispanics are a rapidly growing influence in the US. The Hispanic population is expected to reach almost one-quarter (24%) of the total US population by 2040, and the study looks into the media habits of this all-important group, says the report.
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