• Email Goals, Barriers and Success Strategies
    According to Ascend2 and their Research Partners, Email has become the most prolific marketing channel. Consequently, a successful email list strategy is crucial to the overall performance of marketing.
  • 56% Of Brands Up Marketing Budgets For 2016
    According to a new industry survey conducted by Selligent/StrongView, marketing budgets will rise in 2016, with 56% of companies increasing and 35% maintaining current levels
  • 172 Million Wrist Wearables Prime For Voice Searching
    According to a new report from Chief Marketer, posted by Irv Shapiro, most businesses have no viable marketing strategy for wearable technology.
  • White Papers Do The Heavy Lifting
    Based on an analysis of 2 decades of experience driving sales leads using quality client white papers, Emedia presents a paper on how white papers can best drive the lead generation program. The study finds nine common applications of B2B white papers that have been selected to invigorate effective content planning.
  • Technology Making Personalization Possible At Scale
    According to eMarketer, when it comes to personalization marketers may still be stuck on the basics. Researchscape for Evergage shows that 49% of marketers worldwide had expected to increase their spending on personalization in 2015, vs. just 8% who intended to decrease budgets.
  • Trailing MIllennials Reluctant To Spend Freely
    Digital shopping is standard procedure across the millennial age bracket. But there are some differences in how the younger and older consumers go about things, online and offline.
  • What You See Is What You Get
    According to a recent study and report from Nate Birt for Visually, high quality visual content can have a major impact on the conversion funnel. From studying brain scans to tracking eye movements, researchers have discovered that visual content is simply processed differently than text.
  • Button Up!
    According to a new marketing trends survey by Campaigner, advances in social media, data analysis and customer experience will be the leading influences shaping the email marketing industry in the coming year. Social integration data indicates a shift in the use of social tools, specifically centered on direct buy buttons.
  • VR Hits A Billion $, But Tech, Media and Telecommunications Are Hot
    According to the 15th edition of the report entitled Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions by Deloitte, Virtual Reality (VR) will have its first billion dollar year in 2016, with about $700 million in hardware sales, and the remainder from content.
  • Voting Millennials
    According to a USA Today Millennial Poll from Ipsos, only a few Millennials (33%) say they are likely to vote in the Republican primaries, or the Democratic primaries (42%).
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