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Mobile Holiday Shoppers Comparing Prices
According to a recent analysis from Prosper Mobile Insights, 55.3% of Mobile Users plan to utilize a smartphone or tablet for holiday shopping this year to research, purchase, locate stores or assist with other shopping tasks. 61.9% of Mobile Holiday Shoppers say they will use their device primarily as a "mobile mall," purchasing products and comparing prices.» 0 Comments
The Corporate Struggle With Innovating
To promote innovation, many researchers suggest executives cultivate a mindset that is more open, nimble and resilient, and willing to fail. Global companies that are furthest along the innovation path have put in place processes or cultural norms to foster good ideas and implement them quickly. By monitoring and analyzing how initiatives develop, leading firms spot trends and create opportunities for innovation.» 0 Comments
A Third of Cell Phone Owners Search For Health Information
According to The Pew Internet & American Life Project, in conjunction with Princeton Survey Research, 85% of U.S. adults own a cell phone, and 31% of them have used their phone to look for health information. Two years ago, only 17% of cell phone owners had used their phones to look for health advice.» 0 Comments
Mobiles Hyperactive In Store
According to the JiWire Q3 Mobile Audience Insights Report, examining consumers' increased comfort of purchasing on their mobile devices, 85% of on-the-go shoppers will use their mobile device while in-store, and 66% are willing to spend at least $50 when making a purchase from their mobile device.» 1 Comments
Avoid Holiday Scammers
With online holiday shopping expected to grow 12.1% in the US this year, to $96 billion, and more people than ever using social media and mobile devices to connect, the cybercriminals have a lot of opportunities. Using multiple devices provides more ways to access valuable "digital assets," such as personal information and files.» 1 Comments
Prospective Car Buyers Relying On Social Networks And Review Sites
According to the Fall 2012 Automotive Social Media and Reputation Trend Study by Digital Air Strike, car buyers are increasingly using social media in the vehicle purchasing process. And, they are relying on review sites to determine which dealer to visit when shopping for a vehicle.» 0 Comments
Retail, Online, & Gift Cards Part of Holiday Sales Forecast
According to the NRF and, holiday sales this year will increase 4.1% to $586.1 billion, tempered by political and fiscal uncertainties but supported by signs of improvement in consumer confidence. The forecast is higher than the 10-year average holiday sales increase of 3.5%. Actual holiday sales in 2011 grew 5.6%.» 0 Comments
Avid Local Searchers A Powerful Subset
According to results from a recent National Survey by YP, described in a detailed whitepaper by Dr. Phil Hendrix, Director immr, local search is not only pervasive and growing, but also changing in ways that are important for consumers, businesses and the search industry. With smartphones and tablets in hand, consumers are using mobile devices to search at work and school, on the go, and even while watching TV.» 0 Comments
Touchy-Feely Prompts Luxury Retail Stores Over Online
According to a new Luxury Shopping Survey from Accenture, half of U.S. consumers are likely to make a small luxury purchase in the next six months, including 53% who are likely to purchase specialty food or drinks, 48% to purchase luxury clothing and 48% to purchase luxury personal care products.» 0 Comments
Related Article Links Are Most Important For "More Information"
According to a new study by nRelate, conducted by Harris Interactive, Behavior Shift: Getting Content in Front of Consumers study, 76% of consumers click on related links at the bottom of articles for more information. Next to search results, these related links are consumers' preferred method of discovering information online» 0 Comments
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