• Turn Influencers Into Brand Advocates
    Social media brand advocates can have a powerful influence on the purchase decisions of others, and predictive analytics software can provide the necessary data to help companies locate the right influencers, and craft engaging content that turns them into brand advocates.
  • Hold The Phone; Deposit Your Check
    According to a new report released by Bank of America, conducted by Braun Research, 47% of U.S. consumers admit they wouldn't last a day without their smartphone, and many consider their devices more important than daily staples such as coffee and television.
  • Push Notifications Lift App Retention Rates
    This year, 196.2 million US mobile device users ages 14 and older, representing 81.5% of mobile users, will install at least one app on their devices.
  • Email Moves The Sales Needle
    Marketers that utilize real-time multichannel data generate nearly three times more revenue in their marketing programs than their peers that do not utilize real-time data.
  • Breaking News? Facebook And Twitter A Popular Source
    The share of Americans for whom Twitter and Facebook serve as a source of news is continuing to rise, coming from more current users encountering news there rather than large increases in the user base overall, according to findings from a new survey.
  • Using Social Analytics In Both Planning And Measurement Challenges Marketers
    Marketers often miss an opportunity to both plan and strengthen their social strategy by analyzing the necessary components of social media.
  • Make Emails Reach Beyond Your List
    Email marketing success is not limited by the size of the list. Every subscriber on the list has friends, family and colleagues that can be reached through email forwards.
  • Women's Trusted Source For Products Is "Online Reviews"
    Women's Trusted Source For Products Is "Online Reviews"
  • Binge Viewing of TV Programs A Widespread Behavior
    A study from TiVo showed that 92% of consumers have binge viewed TV programs.
  • Making Shoppers' Buying Easier From Desktop Or Mobile
    Mobile devices last year used before or during shopping trips influenced just under one trillion dollars, or 28%, of in-store sales in the United States. Those sales grew from the billions of shopping micro-moments that power today's buying economy. Thanks to smartphones, shopping now happens anytime and anywhere.
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