• Video Ads Do Best On Larger Screens, Longer Content
    Completion rates were better with larger screens and longer content. In Q1 2016, completion rates for US digital video ads on over-the-top (OTT) devices such as connected TVs were 93%, compared with 78% for smartphones and rates in between for tablets and desktops.
  • Marketers' Ability To Use Data Gains Sophistication
    U.S. marketers reported record levels of confidence in the practice of data-driven marketing (DDM) and its prospects for growth following the second quarter of 2016, even as they signaled that the revenues generated by their data-driven efforts grew at slower pace.
  • Consumer Spending And Confidence Tweaks Up
    Spending is up from last month and so is consumer confidence, but small business owners' sentiment is down.
  • Mobile Coupon Users On The Rise
    The number of adult mobile coupon users in the US rose nearly 18% to 92.6 million in 2015. By the end of 2016, mobile coupon users will increase by 11% to 104 million in the US.
  • Product Transparency Creates Trust
    Consumer demand for product transparency is on the rise, and brands that fulfill this demand by providing comprehensive product information are poised to grow market share and revenue. Nearly 90% of consumers say transparency is important to them.
  • Marketers Not Confident With Their Ad Channel Mix
    The struggle to optimize the marketing mix across channels has recently been called the biggest challenge facing marketers, according to a newly-released study
  • Study Forecasts $10 Billion In 2016 eCommerce Shopping For Key Consumer Packaged Goods
    According to the results of the recent 1010data study of selected categories in the Consumer Packaged Goods, when compared to the first half of 2015, CPG online sales grew 42% across key categories in the first half of 2016.
  • In Subject Lines Every Word Counts
    According to a new study over a 20-month period to determine what makes a pitch successful (whether or not an editor responded to the pitch,) : If editors want to "show their readers something" 'size,' 'ideal,' 'image,' and 'chart' were among the top 15 highest-performing words in subject lines.
  • SMB Market Budgets Up For Websites And Word-Of-Mouth
    Nearly all have a website, and many are even getting on board with more recent trends in digital marketing like using tech to automate email and other processes. This Roundup, presented by Citrix ShareFile, is to help small businesses and their partners understand where they fit in to the digital landscape.
  • Back-To-School Parents Edging To Online Shopping
    While parents with children in grades K-12 plan to do the majority of their back-to-school shopping in brick-and-mortar stores this fall, a few product categories swing much more heavily towards online shopping, especially technology.
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