• Digital Driving 92% Of Business Calls
    In 2015 digital channels drove 92% of business calls, up from 84% in 2014. Additionally, the report finds more customer calls come from mobile search than from any other channel.
  • Facebook And Youtube Capture Video Marketers
    Nearly two-thirds of all marketers are planning to incorporate video in their campaigns for the coming year, as investment in video promotion on social channels, and talent to support it, increases across the board.
  • US Trails UK In Retail eCommerce Web Time
    Shoppers spent slightly more time visiting a retail site via their desktop or laptop device in Q1 of this year compared to a year prior.
  • US Minority Groups Grow To 38% Of The Population
    The US minority population (all groups other than non-Hispanic single-race whites) climbed to almost 123.5 million people, accounting for 38.4% of the total population.
  • More Ads On Mobile Screens; More Blocking
    Mobile's dominance has arrived early; the agency sees brands spending $99.3 billion on mobile advertising next year, versus $97.4 billion on desktop ad spend. The study expands on recent figures that highlight just how massive mobile advertising has become.
  • Industry Census Says "Email Sophisticated And Profitable"
    A decade of email marketing data shows the email channel is the fastest growing of any other channel in the marketing mix. Ahead of SEO, content marketing, paid search and direct marketing, 73% of respondents rate email ROI 'excellent' or 'good'.
  • Marketer's Opportunity: Mobile-Enabled Loyalty Programs
    52% of consumers polled said mobile loyalty rewards and benefits motivate them to purchase more often, but 65% of brand marketers say they either lack the IT resources for mobile loyalty integrations, or admit they lack the knowledge on how to launch a mobile loyalty program.
  • Loss Of Media Jobs Since 2007
    thanks to the internet there are fewer media jobs! Until the introduction of the smartphone in 2007, says the report, the effect of the internet on employment in traditional media, newspapers, magazines, and books, had been minimal.
  • 1/4 Of Web Users Blocking Ads
    Ad blocking in the US will continue to cause headwinds for online advertisers, as the phenomenon is expected to grow by double digits this year and next.
  • The Telephone: Critical Offline Interaction Of The Omnichannel Customer
    According to the 2016 Call Intelligence Index published by Invoca, analyzing more than 58 million calls across 40 industries, digital is now driving more calls to businesses than ever before.
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