• Cyber Monday Ecommerce Biggest Day EVER
    According to The Custora E-Commerce Pulse, tracking over 100 million online shoppers, and over $40 billion in e-commerce revenue, US e-commerce stats for Cyber Monday and the full holiday weekend, E-commerce revenue was up 15.4% on Cyber Monday 2014 vs. 2013, making it the biggest day in US online shopping history.
  • Kids Under 18 Want Next Gen Tech Connection And Convenience
    Families with kids under 18 years old are poised to continue their quest for connection and convenience, evidenced by their strong intent to purchase a variety of new tech devices, including wearable technology, over the next twelve months.
  • Digital and Off-Air Radio Revenue Up
    According to The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), the Radio industry continues to build its digital profile, as Digital revenue in Q3 showed growth of 11% over last year. In addition, despite a flat national advertising market across media, total Radio ad revenues showed signs of rebounding.
  • 500 Million Brand Tweets Sent Every Day
    98% of the top brands in the world have a Twitter account. 70% of brands have over 100,000 followers, up from 58% in Q4 2013, while the percentage of brands that Tweet at least once a day has increased from 92% to 94% since Q4 2013.
  • What's It Going To Be: Big Data or Small Data?
    Digital marketers in both the B2B and B2C spaces have been scrambling for years to get access to more and more data (Big Data) about their customers and prospects, yet many are ill-equipped to make use of that data to the extent of its capabilities.
  • Holiday Shopping Fast Out Of The Gate
    The US holiday shopping season is off to a strong start. The first three weeks of the season, from November 1st to November 20th, show strong growth in e-commerce orders and revenue, as well as in mobile shopping.
  • Moms Depending on Smartphone In The Store
    According to the BabyCenter report on Mobile Influence on Moms' Path to Purchase, Mobile devices are increasing their role in moms' lives when it comes to shopping, especially with regard to purchasing new products.
  • Publishers Struggle With eMail Marketing
    According to the 2014 Publishers Survey Report from Lyris, engaging audiences with targeted and personalized email content is proven to create new revenue opportunities for publishers, but many are still struggling with even the basics of email marketing and digital messaging.
  • Search: The Gatekeeper To Product Visibility
    According to a recent study by HookLogic, the colossal volume of internet content and great depth of content on individual sites has led consumers to rely on powerful search tools and guided navigation.
  • Ecommerce Innovators Support Mobile To Enhance Online And Omnichannel Shopping
    According to eTail interviews of some of e-commerce industry's marketing leaders about the future of digital marketing and leveraging new technologies to enhance online and omnichannel shopping experiences, the leading retailers see Mobile as the single most important channel of the next 3 to 5 years.
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