• Smart Home Systems Slow To Gain a Toehold
    The IoT space is expanding to provide more targeted service offerings with vertical-specific capabilities. Cloud-connected devices function more like software than hardware, creating changes in product development models.
  • Smart Homes Getting Smarter
    According to Juniper Research, a Smart Home as one that is designed to deliver or distribute a number of digital services inside and outside the home, through a range of networked devices. Since the rise of the smartphone, the term 'smart' is used in the loosest possible manner in the current marketing landscape
  • Shaping Shopping Mall Futures
    According to McKinsey Research, and the author Sangeeth Ram, a partner in McKinsey's Dubai office, digital technology is transforming global lifestyles and changing the way we live, work, shop, eat, play, and learn.
  • Digital Voice-Enabled Assistants Moving On From Early Adopters
    According to new data from Accenture of almost 26,000 consumers across 26 countries, one-third of consumers in every age group are interested in using the voice-enabled digital assistant in their smartphone.
  • Small Business Tech Is Still Emails And Spreadsheets
    In the nationwide survey commissioned online by Harris Poll, most small business owners still rely on manual, outdated processes, such as email and spreadsheets, to store and track their customer information.
  • 'Cell Phone-Only' Households For Over Half of US Adults
    52% of U.S. adults live in households with cell phones but no landline telephones, a doubling of the percentage since 2010, when it was 26%.
  • Smartwatches Prominent But No Mass Consumer Adoption
    According to a new Whitepaper from Juniper Research, with the launch of the Apple Watch in 2014, Smartwatches have become far more prominent
  • Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2017
    Facebook's most recent, most engaging posts were researched by BuzzSumo, analyzing more than 800 million posts from 2016, looking at overall engagement, and at shares, likes and comments separately.
  • Stay-At-Home Moms Use Media Technology Most
    Mothers of all kinds show tremendous utilization of media and technology. But while working mothers have the most access to these devices and platforms, stay-at-home mothers have more of a penchant for them,
  • 2/3 of Mobile Gamers Don't Think They're Gamers
    More than half of the US population, and nearly 70% of the country's smartphone owners, play games on their mobile devices, says the report, and they spend an average of 55 minutes a day doing so.
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