• Almost Half of Americans Can't Handle Sudden Financial Need
    According to a new Gallop poll, about half of Americans believe they do not have enough money on hand to "make a major purchase, such as a car, appliance or furniture, or pay for a significant home repair" if they needed to.
  • FSI Coupon Incentives Continue To Grow
    According to a new study from Kantar Media, consumers were offered more than $515 billion in consumer incentives through Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupons in 2015, an increase of 3.7% compared to the previous year.
  • Radio ROI Compelling Advertisers
    According to a recent Nielsen "sales effect study," examining radio's return on ad spend in four retail categories, every dollar spent in radio advertising could generate up to $17 of revenue from listeners exposed to ads from department stores, home improvement stores, mass merchandisers and quick-service restaurants.
  • The Eyes Have It... From The Customer's Point Of View
    Most consumers cannot readily explain why they sample a new product or regularly purchase one particular brand, but the truth can be discovered in their eyes.
  • Data Matters; A Central Pillar Of Business
    According to the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA), and the Winterberry Group, the clear and unambiguous declaration about the role of information in supporting marketing and advertising around the world is that Data matters!
  • Digital Shift Supports Media Career
    According to an article from Business Insider, reported by Matt Rosoff, as "somebody who started a journalism career back in 1992," journalism isn't such a bad career choice after all!
  • Content Critical For Conversion and Sales
    According to an Ascend2 survey of marketing, sales and business professionals around the world, 79% of whom are B2B-focused, the creation of relevant content is considered both the most effective and the most difficult online lead nurturing tactic.
  • A Case For More Mobile Advertising
    Most likely, the television is no longer the dominant screen in your target audience's household. A comprehensive new study by Yahoo Advertising, reported by Justin Lafferty, finds that not only is mobile use on the rise (while TV is declining), but mobile ads achieve a more emotional response than traditional television spots.
  • Lower Income Tech Users Use More Tech
    According to Nielsen's third-quarter Total Audience Report, focused on media habits in different economic strata, people with higher-incomes tend to have more access to tech advancements at their collective fingertips, be it that trendy new tablet or a streaming service with a much-ballyhooed program. Consumers that make less money actually spend more time with the media they spent their hard-earned money on.
  • Smart Home Technology Mainstreams Early
    According to the results of the Smart Home Marketplace Survey from Coldwell Banker Real Estate, The year 2020 has long been a benchmark for when the smart home will finally be mainstream, but that time comes sooner than originally thought.
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