• Abandoned Cart Emailing That Performs
    The study found that personalized abandoned cart emails that show the actual customer cart had 25% higher transaction rates than abandoned cart emails that just linked back to the brand's Website. And, personalized subject lines had 12% higher unique open rates than mailings without personalization.
  • Americans Becoming Self-And-Spend Centered
    Renewed consumer spending is in line with pre-recession trends and consumer optimism is higher than it's been in years. The outlook for 2014 continues the positive trend with spending expected to increase further by 3.6%, more than three times the projected rate of inflation for the year.
  • Digital Not Living Up To Its Promise, Say Marketers
    The majority of digital marketers say that digital advertising hasn't lived up to its promise and feel that branding ads bought via programmatic methods raises concerns. They are searching for the best way to connect with consumers on an emotional level.
  • The Role of Content In Consumer Decision Making
    According to the study report, since the proliferation of digital and social media, including mobile, has made information more readily accessible to prospective consumers, consumers report an increase in usage across all sources of information in the past five years, including sources such as brand websites, user reviews, and third party expert content, when learning more about new products and services.
  • What's a Millennial?
    Marketers tend to focus a lot of energy on Millennials, but the report asks, "... so how many millennials are there in the US, anyway?"
  • Family Dynamics Shaping Tomorrow's Consumers
    According to the sixth wave of LMX Family, The Ipsos MediaCT annual study of attitudes and behaviors of families with kids aged 0-12 years old, media and technology are a ubiquitous part of life today for families with young children. The emergence of new technologies and new media platforms provide new dimensions to traditional family dynamics shaping the consumers of tomorrow.
  • Millennials Top TV Streamers
    According to the results of The Harris Poll of 2,300 U.S. adults, while 77% of U.S. adults say they regularly watch television shows via either cable or satellite TV, 43% say they regularly watch via streaming, including 67% of Millennials.
  • Design Content Marketing For Engagement
    According to Demand Metric's Lead Generation Benchmark Report for 2014, organizations of all sizes are recognizing that content is the best way to influence buyers during their journey from need realization to purchase decision. But, content clutter that is producing content fatigue is causing marketers to innovate with new forms of content, and the common denominator of what works best is engagement
  • Email Lead Nurturing Doesn't Cut It
    According to a new survey by Bizo, in conjunction with Oracle Eloqua, many organizations are still struggling to develop comprehensive, multi-channel lead nurturing programs. 79% of marketers say their email open rates don't exceed 20% on average, and 45% say only 1-4% of known contacts actually convert into marketing-qualified leads.
  • Generational Social Media Behaviors
    According to a new report from Fizziology, prepared by BaM, Handley and Jennette, marketers are still struggling with how to communicate with their audiences in social media in a way that they don't with more traditional media. The numbers prove that each generation is represented in social media in mass.
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