• Why Millennials Block Ads, In Their Own Words
    An eMarketer story last year reported two in three Millennials block ads. With this high rate in mind, I was curious about rationalizations behind blocking.
  • Intent Data Is Powerful Tool For Business Decisionmakers
    Tom O'Regan is CEO of Madison Logic, an eight-year-old B2B firm that's focused on digital brand and demand-generation solutions. The big differentiator here is that Madison Logic uses consumer intent data to help businesses make better decisions. Madison considers TechTarget, IDG and LinkedIn its closest competitors.
  • AppNexus Launches Headerbid Expert, A Chrome Browser Extension
    Independent ad-tech provider AppNexus on Wednesday announced the launch of Headerbid Expert, a plug-in available via the Chrome Web Store. The company believes the product will help publishers confront common challenges associated with header bidding and access multiple demand sources directly and efficiently.
  • Super Bowl 2016's Best Real-Time Tools
    Here is the lowdown on the real-time marketing tools that marketers can use during live events.
  • C1X Seeks To Empower Publishers Through Transparency And Tech
    C1X, a startup programmatic platform, seeks to empower publishers through transparency and tech.
  • The Super (Real-Time, Hunky, Socially Progressive) Bowl
    Rob Lennon, senior product marketing manager, PaperG, weighed in on what he thinks marketers will bring to the Super Bowl this year.
  • AOL Advertising's Marta Martinez: 'We're Looking To Market To People, Not To Devices'
    Marta Martinez leads AOL's advertising sales organization, where her mission is to simplify marketing for AOL's clients. She's doing that by educating clients on a holistic approach to programmatic advertising including mobile, video and TV experiences that have data at the core.
  • Forget About Man Vs. Machine, Programmatic Is Becoming More About Price Vs. Flexibility
    A couple of stories breaking in the last couple of days have me thinking about that old adage: The more things change, the more they stay the same. The thing I'm talking about is the media marketplace -- in particular, the way the programmatic media market is evolving to be more like the way people have always bought and sold media. Funny how that happens. The two stories I'm referring to are OpenX's announcement of a new flavor of real-time media-buying it calls "real-time guaranteed," and the story we're publishing today about Digilant parent ISP Digital's bigger play. At their ...
  • Jelli, Software Provider For Programmatic Radio, Eyes Growth
    Jelli, which enables programmatic platforms for the radio industry, on Tuesday announced a growth rate of 219% in 2015 over the prior year. The reach of its platform audience grew 316% year-over-year, growth attributable to the radio industry's starting to dive into programmatic media.
  • The Automated Marketing Story Of Hitachi and Faction
    How can a global company target key decision-makers? Through profile modeling, automation and real-time marketing, of course.
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