• Ad-Tech Execs Weigh In On The Trade Desk's IPO
    Ad tech executives weighed in on The Trade Desk's IPO and differentiating factors.
  • Weather Company's Working On Programmatic Integrations With IBM Watson
    With The Weather Company now a unit of IBM, RTBlog recently spoke with Jeremy Hlavacek, VP for global automated monetization about the business.
  • The Trade Desk Raised Its Target Price Range Pre-IPO
    It's an exciting time for demand-side platform The Trade Desk-it's set to go public on the Nasdaq this week. And, notably, the company amended its public filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week to raise its price range from from $14 to $16 per share to $16 to $18 per share.
  • Hurdles Remain For Programmatic TV
    Despite bullish forecasts for programmatic TV, there are a few hurdles that must be overcome in order for more dollars to start flowing into the channel.
  • Existing Metrics May Perpetuate Ad Blocking
    Existing ad metrics may perpetuate ad blocking, according to ad tech firm SourceKnowledge.
  • Report Finds Gulf Between U.S. And European Ad Blockers Isn't So Wide
    A research report from TUNE, a Seattle-based mobile marketing technology company, recently took a look at the differences between Americans' and Europeans' views regarding ad blocking.
  • Marketers Looking For 'Signals' -- Which AcuityAds Hopes To Provide
    More companies are looking for "signals" that can give them more information about their target customers' attitudes, behaviors, and proclivities to purchase something. These signals can be predictive of behavior in the moment and in the future.
  • Yes, Adblock Plus Is Now In The Ad Sales Biz
    Adblock Plus is now selling ads and has set up a marketplace to do so.
  • OpenX/ExchangeWire's Surprising Findings On Programmatic Ad Quality
    OpenX and ExchangeWire teamed up on a report that examines industry perceptions of programmatic advertising quality, with some interesting differences in perceptions year-over-year.
  • AppNexus Partners With ANA To Help Marketers Make Better Use Of Their Data
    The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and ad-tech firm AppNexus are partnering to help ANA members understand how marketers can use their first-party data to remain competitive in programmatic media.
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