• Quitting Cold Traffic In RTB's 'Wild West'
    "If you're dealing with cold traffic -- traffic that has not already been qualified with a direct site visit -- I don't necessarily think that open RTB exchanges have the quality of inventory of quality of targeting available to be successful, if the goal is to drive a response," said Jonathan David, CEO and founder of digital media-buying agency Tapstone.
  • Twitter Focused On Audience-Targeting, Better Creative
    Twitter has become synonymous with "real-time marketing" -- at least, or maybe only, in the marketing world -- but it made some moves this week that should remind everyone that the social media giant has more uses than "send funny tweets during the Super Bowl."
  • Real-Time With New Chango CRO Lorizio On Branding Via Programmatic
    Real-Time Daily caught up with Keith Lorizio, the newly appointed chief revenue officer of Chango, a demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP), to talk about his new role and programmatic advertising -- particularly as it relates to branding.
  • As The Wind Blows, So Does Your Mobile RTB Campaign
    Marketers can get rather creative with targeting parameters, but still some of the most basic categorizations might be all you need. Of course, that depends on what you're looking for from a campaign, but there's no denying that the fundamentals -- gender, location, weather and time -- do a solid job of creating "audiences" for you.
  • Taking Programmatic In-House Is A Hobson's Choice - At Least For Now
    "Taking programmatic in-house" is a thing -- and it might be the thing one year from now, if we are to take marketers at their word. At this time next year the headlines could read: "90% of programmatic video ad buyers now execute campaigns in-house." Ninety percent!
  • New Programmatic Player In Town: ADS' Conversant Buy Beefs Up Epsilon
    Alliance Data Systems (ADS), which owns Epsilon, this week announced that it will acquire Conversant, formerly known as ValueClick, for $2.3 billion. Conversant -- which had spent nearly a decade and a half as the acquirer, not the acquired -- will be rolled into Epsilon, which appears to be making a play in the marketing tech sector. Conversant brings a display ad network, mobile and video offerings, and programmatic tech to Epsilon.
  • IAB Europe Maps EU Programmatic Market: Up 111% To $2.69 Billion In 2013
    At dmexco 2014 on Thursday, the IAB Europe announced that the programmatic market in Europe was EUR2.08 billion ($2.69 billion) in 2013 -- up 111% from EUR0.98 ($1.27 billion) in 2012. IAB Europe teamed with IHS Technology to conduct the research.
  • EU Programmatic Spend Surges 249% YoY, Private Marketplaces Account For 27% Of Spend
    Advertisers in Europe spent 249% more through programmatic channels in Q2 2014 compared to the year before, according to a new Adform report on European RTB (real-time bidding) trends. Similarly, programmatic spend increased by 52% from Q1 2014 to Q2 2014.
  • Think Before You Tweet: Hashtags Are Not Invitations
    "A million apologies. Did not read what the hashtag was about before posting." I feel like this blog post could start and end with that quote from DiGiorno Pizza's official Twitter account because it speaks for itself, but I'll expound for those who are interested.
  • Real-Time With Huge's McCaffrey On Real-Time Marketing
    At MediaPost's recent Mobile Insider Summit in Lake Tahoe, Calif., I had the opportunity to meet Joe McCaffrey, planning director and head of social at Huge, a marketing and advertising agency. Our discussion centered around real-time marketing as it relates to using social media during large -- usually televised -- events. McCaffrey shared some of his thoughts with Real-Time Daily after the event.
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