• Real-Time With Videology's Castree, Freshly Poached From MediaVest
    Programmatic video ad platform Videology on Friday announced the appointment of Tim Castree as managing director, North America. Castree joins the ad tech firm from MediaVest U.S., where he served as chief operating officer. "Real-Time Daily" caught up with Castree to discuss his transition from an agency to an ad tech company and more.
  • A Real-Time Readout Of Marketing Automation Leaders
    HubSpot, Pardot, Act-On, Marketo and Eloqua have been named "Leaders" in G2 Crowd's latest marketing automation report, called "Grid." The new report, released Thursday, is G2 Crowd's second "Grid" report of the year. The results in the latest report are based on over 2,200 reviews and ratings from users of marketing automation systems. The grid splits the marketing automation systems into four categories: Leaders, High Performers, Niche and Contenders.
  • Programmatic's Quest For Quality Fully Reflected In Projections
    For years now, the digital ad industry has claimed that programmatic ad technologies would be applied to more "premium" ad buys; that programmatic would graduate from the real-time bidding of remnant inventory and move on to bigger and better things. This shift seems to be occurring, and it is now fully reflected in projections of the future.
  • Crossing The Rubicon: From RTB To Programmatic Direct
    "Programmatic direct" just took the lead against "programmatic native" in the invisible race for oxymoron du jour. The programmatic ad space took a step toward a more direct future by virtue of Rubicon Project's acquisition of two companies that specialize in the space: ShinyAds and iSocket. The industry is not jettisoning real-time bidding, which is still projected to account for a massive clump of total programmatic ad spend, but the focus on applying automation to more "premium" ad buys is clear.
  • Real-Time With AdRoll CTO Volonghi On RTB's Tech & Growing Data Pool
    Real-Time Daily spoke with Valentino Volonghi, chief technology officer of AdRoll, a large retargeting firm, about the programmatic ad industry, the tech underneath it all and the growing pool of data that marketers have to work with. Volonghi shares his predictions on the future and puts Big Data into perspective (the Library of Congress has nothing on some of these data pools.)
  • Programmatic Maintains Strong Presence In 2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 500
    Deloitte has released its 2014 Technology Fast 500 list, and like last year, programatic ad technology companies are easy to spot. Also like last year, there are several programmatic or ad tech-related companies in the top 100. The Fast 500 ranks the fastest-growing tech companies in North America.
  • Ad Tech Played Its Part In The Biggest Tech M&A Boom Since Dotcom Bubble
    A new quarterly update from Ernst & Young on mergers and acquisitions in the technology space around the globe says that "technology M&A in 3Q14 reached heights of volume and value not seen since the dot com bubble." The report puts the ad tech's busy year in perspective: the flurry of M&A activity we have seen within the programmatic space in recent months is in line with what's happening in the rest of the tech world.
  • Programmatic: Everyone Uses It, Not Many Trust It (Yet)
    Two reports about programmatic advertising came out this week that appear to be in stark contrast to one another. On the one hand, Chango released survey results that found that 75% of brand advertisers are using programmatic technologies, with another 16% planning to do so in the future. On the other hand, another report, from Strata, found that 20% of agencies "trust programmatic buying to properly execute ad dollars."
  • Racing From The Bottom: 75% Of Brands Now Using Programmatic
    Not too long ago, one school of thought questioned whether or not programmatic advertising could truly take hold in the industry, or if the use of the real-time trading tech would simply turn into a "race to the bottom." Today, there are far more optimists than skeptics. New survey results from Chango, a demand-side platform, reveal that 75% of brand marketers are currently using programmatic.
  • Real-Time With Turn's Westover On How Brands Should Tackle Big Data
    The real currency of digital advertising -- data -- is a blessing and a curse for programmatic traders. It's how marketers can feel differentiated, but it's also where marketers can feel insufficient and overwhelmed. Matt Westover, GM of Turn's data management platform (DMP), Audience Suite, contends that brands are resting their data laurels on targeting and ad delivery, leaving opportunities on the table as a result. He believes brands are "wasting a ton of good data."
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