• The Medium Is The Conveyance
    Some years ago, one of the smartest guys I know in the media industry used a surprising analogy to describe the business to me. He said media was really part of the transportation business. The guy was David Verklin, and at the time, he was running Aegis Media's Carat unit. It was before his crackle of change period, and at the time, it seemed to me that he was forcing the metaphor, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've come to think that Verklin was right about the role of media -- and everyone who uses it ...
  • Programmatic Native Will Kill Two Birds With One Stone
    Publishers are worried by the rise of brand content and ad blocking, but surely the former is the answer to the latter?
  • Is Programmatic Being Used By Big Agencies To Bash The Independents?
    Enough independents have raised the issue, so it's worth wondering aloud whether costs slashed in one area are replaced by fees or rebates via programmatic display.
  • Is Programmatic Delivery Of Native Advertising The Answer To Ad Blocking?
    Research shows that B2B marketers in the U.S. hold content, SEO and automation in the highest regard. Put them together and what do you have -- programmatic native?
  • Is Adland's Programmatic Knowledge Gap Due To Bright Things Leaving For Google?
    That's certainly how one very senior media buyer from a huge holding company's trading desk recently described it. Time for those remaining to get trained up?
  • Transparency On Data Will Show Brands What Automated Buying Can Do For Them
    It's clear why agencies and publishers like automated buying -- but until brands get better transparency around data, the same cannot be said for advertisers.
  • Is Direct Programmatic Lining Them Up For Private Mobile RTB Conversion?
    The latest figures could suggest that direct programmatic leads in building awareness while private auctions are taking over at the vital mobile stage.
  • Native + Exchange + Server =
    I've been meaning to write about Satish Polisetti ever since I met him last fall. Yesterday he gave me a news hook for jumping in, announcing that he closed the series A round for his venture, AdsNative. I met Satish while I was auditing a startup training program for an elite group of young agency execs at KBS+ and The Media Kitchen, and he immediately struck me as a person worth writing about. It just took me until now to figure how to tell his story.
  • In Blog We Trust
    It's official, "trust" is now the ad industry's most important buzzword. Based on data obtained by RTBlog, "trust" has overtaken "viewability," "transparency," "fraud," "ad blocking" and yes, even "data," for the No. 1 position. The data I'm referencing is proprietary and the method used to process it cannot be disclosed, so you'll just have to trust me on that.
  • And I Feel Fine
    Every so often a news event comes along that seems bigger than the news it is actually making. That's the way I feel about the news surrounding the ad-blocking features of Apple's iOS 9. I don't think people are reacting to the Apple news itself so much as it represents a tipping point for something that has been building for some time. The truth is that ad blockers have been around a long, long time. I would venture to say, as long as there has been advertising. But every time a new technology comes along that gives people more control ...
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