• What Does Facebook's Move Into Header Bidding Mean?
    Facebook's joining the header bidding party; what does it mean for ad tech and publishers?
  • Summit Reveals Varied Approaches, Need To Improve Ad Experiences
    This week's Programmatic Insider Summit covered a lot of ground. Panels, keynotes, and discussions hit on diverse topics including programmatic storytelling, managing ad fraud, what comes after ad blocking, data and privacy, hurdles for programmatic video and mobile, cross-device targeting, cross-channel metrics, and ROI.
  • Ad Blocking Presents An Opportunity To Experiment On New Platforms
    Craig Key, SVP of Media at space150, says ad blocking offers an opportunity to experiment on new platforms in order to create stronger connections with consumers.
  • 'If You're Not Learning Programmatic, You Won't Have A Job In The Next Two Years'
    At the Programmatic Insider Summit in Lake Tahoe, there are many smart people talking about ad fraud, anti-fraud technologies, ad blocking, programmatic media, advertising creative, and how to make it more interesting so that consumers won't want to block it.
  • Study: Programmatic Ads Lead To 55% Lift In Offline Sales
    Brand stores and other brick-and-mortar locations can greatly benefit from optimizing digital ads to drive offline purchases, according to an Accordant Media study that shows a significant lift up and down the marketing funnel for those who were exposed to a programmatic ad.
  • Ping Pong For Good: Ad Tech And Ad Agencies Raise Funds For Charity
    More than 230 ad-tech and ad-agency professionals participated in the "Battle of the Paddle" ping pong competition last night took at SPiN NYC.
  • New Program Aims To Train The Next Generation Of Digital Marketing And Media Leaders
    A new program spearheaded by the IAB Education Foundation seeks to train new talent for jobs in the digital marketing and media industry.
  • Parse.ly Launches Data Pipeline For Real-Time Analytics
    There's been a lot of news lately about data management plaforms (DMPs) and marrying first-party with third-party data, and other data marriages.
  • The Advent Of Second-Party Data
    We've all heard of first and third-party data, the bedrock of the data-marketing landscape. Second-party data is a bit more obscure, but if the initial apprehension around sharing private customer data can be overcome, marketers could unleash an entirely new dimension to their data-marketing practices.
  • Programmatic Nuances In Europe and APAC
    Programmatic is evolving differently in Western Europe and Asia. Mobile platforms are key for implementing programmatic and retargeting campaigns.
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