• [x+1] Origin Allows Marketers To Use Own CRM Data

    [x+1] has upgraded their Data Management Platform (DMP) to allow marketers full access to paid and owned media channels. Marketers will now be able to use their own CRM data when using [x+1] Origin, a key platform in the real-time media marketplace. "No one questions the incredible value of data to digital marketing," stated John Nardone, [x+1] CEO. "There's no reason that value should be limited to paid advertising." ...Read the whole story

  • AppNexus Raises $75 Million, Round Will Be Used To Fund Ad Tech Innovation

    AppNexus this morning announced a $75 million round led by Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), joining a roster of TCV early rounders Facebook, Netflix, and ExactTarget. Venrock and Tribeca Venture Partners also participated in the round. AppNexus CEO Brian O'Kelley said the funds would be used to "create the next generation of innovations that will transform online advertising." ...Read the whole story

  • WPP Argues Safari Hack Didn't Harm Users

    WPP's Media Innovation Group has asked a federal judge to dismiss a privacy lawsuit stemming from the alleged Safari hack. ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers: Align Objectives With Data Collection

    Data that is dependent on large-scale rapid computing that can crunch and deliver numbers on the fly requires capital investments. Marketing departments have begun to spend more money compared with their counterparts on technology, in search of insights into customer needs. ...Read the whole story

How Digital Display Can Become Your #1 Marketing Tactic

Today is the day digital display becomes the centerpiece for all your marketing efforts, including offline ventures like TV, radio and print buying. How much money do you spend on audience research to better understand who your audience is, whether it's focus groups or in-market research? What if that money could be spent for real-time research while also reaching your target with actual messaging? ...More

  • Study: 44%Of Adults Opt Out Of Targeted Ads, 66% Delete Cookies

    Conventional wisdom has it that consumers say they're concerned about online privacy, but rarely do much about it. But Microsoft challenged that idea today by releasing new survey results that indicate consumers are trying to control the way data about them is used by marketers. Among other findings, the report includes the following jaw-dropping statistic: Almost half of U.S. adults, 44%, say they have opted out of targeted advertising. ...More