• Google Revs Rise To $15B; Feels CPC Pressure

    Google reported revenue for the quarter, end March 31, 2014, rose 19% to $15.42 billion, compared with the year-ago quarter. The cost per click on Google's sites and those of its partners fell 9% year-over-year. Good news for advertisers, bad news for investors. ...Read the whole story

  • Campaigns: Search Ad Revs Inch Up 12%, Facebook Revs Skyrocket 191%

    Advertisers are getting better at connecting with potential and existing customers through search and social campaigns, even on mobile. Marketers spent 26% of budgets to gain 28% of clicks on mobile on Kenshoo's platform. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Sees Modest Ad Gain In Q1

    Yahoo still awaits a turnaround in 2014. But the Web giant on Tuesday reported a modest revenue gain in the fourth quarter after four straight quarters without growth. The company's revenue, minus traffic acquisition costs, was up 1% from a year ago to $1.09 billion, with display ad sales increasing 2% in the quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • RKG Paid Search Spend Up 17%

    Rimm-Kaufman Group released its first quarter Digital Marketing Report showing U.S. paid search spend among its clients rose 17% year-over-year, slightly down from 19% sequential growth. Paid clicks rose 10%, while the cost per click rose 6%. RKG found marketers slowed investments in Bing ad campaigns during Q1 2014, compared with 2013. ...Read the whole story

  • Vertical Search Works Acquires DSP AddGloo, Takes 'Semantic' Approach To Advertising

    Vertical Search Works on Tuesday announced it has acquired addGloo, a demand-side platform for online display advertising. VSW is a search marketing technology company that is stepping into broader display advertising with this acquisition. The company now lets its clients buy display ad inventory via real-time bidding. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Ad Market Struggles To Connect With Users

    Marketers have high expectations for mobile advertising, but investments still trail the media's potential. Most marketers still don't see great performance and have difficulty justifying budgets. They don't understand the unique attributes and resist the tendency to create processes requiring fewer tasks. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Exchange Vserv Debuts Full-Screen Search Ad Formats

    Vserv.mobi on Wednesday announced the availability of Search Intent Ads -- or search ad formats -- into its mobile real-time bidding (RTB) exchange. The purpose of the new format is to facilitate immediate consumer action, something Vserv hopes will make it an attractive ad format for m-commerce companies. ...Read the whole story

  • Opera Mediaworks Taps Hunt For Hispanic Mobile Reach

    Mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks is boosting its reach among U.S. Hispanics through the integration of Hunt Mobile Ads, a mobile ad network focused on Latin America that also reaches U.S. Hispanics through a number of premium publishers. ...Read the whole story

  • MINI USA Becomes Hearst Men's Group Largest Digital-Only Ad Deal

    MINI USA looked for a media partner to launch a new hardtop model working in tandem with its test drive promotion. The automaker chose Hearst Men's Group to work with Ray Wert, part of the team behind the viral Jeff Gordon prank videos, to create an online series starring Adrian Simpson, former host of the BBC's "Top Gear." The deal created the group's largest digital-only deal to date. ...Read the whole story

Blab Predicts With 70% Accuracy Trending Topics 72 Hours In Advance

The Seattle-based startup Blab wants to become the crystal ball of advertising. It created technology allowing brands to predict, with 70% accuracy, trending topics up to 72 hours in advance by analyzing social conversations. ...More

  • Two-Thirds of New TV Show Viewers Search for Show First

    The multiscreen viewer truly does exist. Crossover between television viewing and online video watching is growing as TV viewers increasingly rely on digital outlets for engagement around TV-related content, according to new research from Google. ...More

  • Google Beats Facebook to Punch, Buys Drone Maker

    Back in high school we called this "pissing in someone's corn flakes," but if you prefer Napoleonic metaphors, Google has "stolen a march" on Facebook by buying Titan Aerospace, which makes high-altitude, solar-powered drones, apparently with the same basic goal in mind: providing wireless Internet access to areas of the planet that are still off the grid. ...More

  • Working With Google? You've Got to Embrace Co-opetition

    Last week my 3Q Digital colleague Susan Waldes wrote a blog post exploring all the ways that Google is steadily encroaching on the turf of third-party campaign management companies like Marin Software and Kenshoo. I have a slightly different take on this theory. First off, I don't think Google is particularly focused on killing off third-party platforms - I think Google is generally focused on competing with anyone and anything online. ...More

  • Authors Guild Aims To Revive Case Against Google

    Continuing its feud with Google, the Authors Guild has asked a federal appellate court to rule that the search company's book-scanning project isn't protected by fair use principles. "Google's massive, unauthorized digitization campaign has acutely harmed the interests of the authors and other rightsholders whose works have been copied," the Authors Guild argues in court papers that were made public late last week. The Authors Guild initially sued Google in 2005, arguing that the company had no right to digitize library books and make snippets available to searchers. ...More