Could Google Be The Itunes Of News?

Let's face it: a fragmented paywall approach to content doesn't serve anyone. Our consumption habits are too dispersed and too immediate to justify paid subscriptions to individual providers. If I'm reading a blog and it links to a source article from a site I don't normally read, I don't want to have to bust out the credit card and pay three bucks to get a bit more info. ...More

  • Publisher Sued For Reposting Article Based On His Own Research

    Copyright enforcement outfit Righthaven has filed some questionable lawsuits in the past, but really outdid itself in a case against Anthony Curtis, publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor. That lawsuit, one of several filed on Friday, alleges that Curtis infringed copyright by reposting an article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal . Problem is, that article was itself based on an annual survey conducted by Curtis of ticket prices for entertainment shows. ...More

  • My Big-Bang Change Theory

    Business is moving fast and furious -- which is great, but I keep hearing and reading about two general overarching themes that are going to collide and change how we manage our business. ...More