Wednesday, July 28, 2010
    The New Haiku -- 2010 Edition

    Anytime I find myself in a pinch for column fodder, I know I can always fall back on a little Search Haiku. It's not as exciting as covering the search news blotter, but hopefully it will ...More

    • Google: Foreign Rulings Shouldn't Apply In U.S. Antitrust Case

      In general, U.S. courts don't put all that much stock in rulings from other countries. But a recent move by a French antitrust regulator could end up playing a role in an antitrust lawsuit brought in ...More

    • Three Naming Rules For SEO Success

      I'm the chief marketing officer for a virtual world for kids called MiniMonos, and the process we went through to come up with a name is relevant to anyone creating a new online brand. Here are ...More