In Search Of The Golden Metric

Measuring web sites and online marketing campaigns has kept marketers, agencies, and others busy for years. Web analytics report visits, page views, visits and other counts of site activity. Ad server analytics report impressions served, clickthroughs and other silo-specific measures. Once upon a time, each delivered the "hot metric." But, as soon as we begin to understand what each "hot metric" tells us, we begin to understand where it falls short, and we begin again to search for the "Golden Metric" that we can confidently use. ...More

  • Investigating rel=author's Organizational Impact

    It seems as if all the talk in search these days centers on social signals. The way that people find and share content online has been forever changed by social media websites and web pages with embedded social sharing capabilities. Now those most popular social sites are directly impacting organic search engine results with social share data annotations. ...More

  • The Vancouver Riot Social Media Backlash: Justice Or Revenge?

    In the 25 years I've lived here, I've never had to say this -- indeed, I never believed I would ever say this -- but last Wednesday, I was ashamed to say I live in British Columbia. I wasn't the only one. I'm guessing the vast majority of the other 4.5 million people that call this Canadian province home felt the same way. In fact, the only people not feeling that way were the idiotic jerks that caused our collective shame. They were the ones using the Canuck's loss to Boston in the Stanley Cup final as an excuse to ...More