• eReaders Could Become Search Boon For Marketers

    eReader adoption rates have surpassed those of tablets, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report released Monday. Some search marketing experts believe the gap will widen as eReaders become more affordable and offer the most basic Internet connected services for free. ...Read the whole story

  • YouTube Gives 'Design Star' Free Ad Time, Younger Demos

    Free time in front of potential customers doesn't happen for advertisers often, but a video ad model on YouTube makes it a reality for Scripps Network and other advertisers -- as long as the viewer opts out before the 30-second spot concludes. ...Read the whole story

  • Bant Breen Leaves IPG: Former Reprise Chief Pursuing Personal Goals, Possible Venture

    Bant Breen, the digital wunderkind who brought the agency holding company a lucrative stake in then-fledgling social network Facebook, is out of IPG. Breen, who most recently was worldwide CEO of search and social specialty agency Reprise Media, apparently left more than a month ago, following a reorganization in April of IPG's Mediabrands division under new global CEO Matt Seiler. ...Read the whole story

  • Adobe Builds On Search Marketing Tools

    Adobe Systems continues to build up features in SearchCenter+ for marketers. The company recently launched a retail reporting feature for inventory management to activate keywords based on inventory status. The feature is managed through the platform's dashboard or user interface. ...Read the whole story

Leverage (The Right) Technology For Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you think about the places that are hotbeds of innovation for publishing best practices, Bangor, Maine may not immediately spring to mind. Still, The Bangor Daily News provides a wonderful case study in the use of technology to make the act of publishing more efficient, effective and engaging. But why should marketers care about how a small town paper is innovating in the online publishing sphere? ...More

  • In Search Of The Golden Metric

    Measuring web sites and online marketing campaigns has kept marketers, agencies, and others busy for years. Web analytics report visits, page views, visits and other counts of site activity. Ad server analytics report impressions served, clickthroughs and other silo-specific measures. Once upon a time, each delivered the "hot metric." But, as soon as we begin to understand what each "hot metric" tells us, we begin to understand where it falls short, and we begin again to search for the "Golden Metric" that we can confidently use. ...More

  • Investigating rel=author's Organizational Impact

    It seems as if all the talk in search these days centers on social signals. The way that people find and share content online has been forever changed by social media websites and web pages with embedded social sharing capabilities. Now those most popular social sites are directly impacting organic search engine results with social share data annotations. ...More

  • The Vancouver Riot Social Media Backlash: Justice Or Revenge?

    In the 25 years I've lived here, I've never had to say this -- indeed, I never believed I would ever say this -- but last Wednesday, I was ashamed to say I live in British Columbia. I wasn't the only one. I'm guessing the vast majority of the other 4.5 million people that call this Canadian province home felt the same way. In fact, the only people not feeling that way were the idiotic jerks that caused our collective shame. They were the ones using the Canuck's loss to Boston in the Stanley Cup final as an excuse to ...More