New ICANN Domains: The Birth Of The Search-Optimized gTLD Registry

Back in 2008, I wrote a couple of columns about ICANN's new vanity generic top-level domains (gTLDs), where a person or business could now register ".anything" for the purpose of creating an open registry, or reserving it for primary brand sites. There have been many stories promoting this new development as a boon to one's natural search presence, but I beg to differ on a number of those points. One thing is clear, though: Marketers using new gTLDs will not only have to manage their sites for search and social visibility, but will also have to manage the entire gTLD ...More

  • Six Tips For Getting a Job In Search Engine Marketing

    As an employer, I look at a LOT of resumes. I've found that whether you're new to search marketing or a seasoned veteran, there are certain approaches you can take to enhance (or at least not sabotage) your chances to land your perfect search marketing position. ...More