Friday, September 30, 2011
  • Display Advertising Shifts From Direct Response To Branding Media

    Brand marketers looking for alternative strategies to connect with consumers have begun to focus attention on display advertising, a medium historically known to elicit a direct response. The more important metrics point to return on ad spend, online searches for brand names, product recall, and sales. ...Read the whole story

  • Star Search: Burnett's Video Co. Joins Forces With Youtoo

    A new social media/TV network --- in partnership with TV reality producer Mark Burnett -- will do just that. One of Burnett's companies -- VIMBY (Video in My BackYard) is joining forces with Youtoo, a cable network of 15 million homes that launched this week. ...Read the whole story

  • MediaOcean Faces Threat From Across One, Mediabrands Taps Facilitate Digital For 'Digital Workflow'

    Even as Madison Avenue's big "back-office" media buying and paying processors Donovan Data Systems and MediaBank were finalizing details of their surprising plans to merge into a new marketing dominating company called MediaOcean, a relatively unknown rival was quietly signing a deal to grab the digital front-end of one of their biggest clients, Interpublic's Mediabrands. That rival, Sydney, Australia-based Facilitate Digital Holdings, has signed an agreement to process all of the front-end digital workflow for all of Mediabrands' agencies -- including flagship media networks Initiative and UM, search and social unit Reprise Media, audience demand platform Cadreon, mobile shop Ansible, ... ...Read the whole story

  • Dance To It: Coke Searches For Campaign Star

    Coke is set to make an amateur dancer the star of an upcoming global campaign for Coke Zero. The open casting call includes uploading a video to a Coke microsite. ...Read the whole story

  • ESPN To Use Research Tracking Day-In-The-Life Of Media Consumers

    ESPN has signed on as the charter subscriber of a promising new media research system analyzing the actual "day-in-the-life" media behavior of American consumers. The system, dubbed USA TouchPoints, was developed by New York-based Media Behavior Institute, which is licensing a methodology that has been made popular in Europe. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Analytics Real-Time Reporting, Paid Services

    Google has launched a real-time analytics tool that identifies the number of visitors to a specific page on a Web site. The new tool -- Google Analytics Real-Time -- makes it easy for Web site owners to see the content visitors click on as it happens. Previously, Google's tools delivered delays in past performance traffic results. ...Read the whole story

    Don't Typecast Search As 'Direct'

    We should have taken it as a sign of things to come. The panel I was moderating at OMMA Global, with the highly provocative title "The Evolving Role of the Search Marketer," was in a tiny ...More