Friday, February 10, 2012

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    • Google To Market Electronic DevicesThe Wall Street Journal

      Not about to let Apple or Microsoft rule American households, Google is reportedly developing a home-entertainment system that streams music wirelessly throughout the home and would be branded as a Google product. “The effort marks a sharp shift in strategy for Google, which for the first would time would design and market consumer electronic devices under its name,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “Google still makes the vast majority of its money from Internet search,” notes The New York Times. “But as computing detaches from the desktop and laptop, the company cannot afford to be marginalized … The new device is an ... ...Read the whole story

    • How To Launch A Paid Social CampaignIMedia Connection

      Similar to search, every campaign in social needs special attention. Stephen Anderson provides eight recommendations that marketers should consider before launching a Facebook campaign. In one of the more important tips, he suggests taking advantage of segmentation features without limiting the audience, building a library of creative assets, and optimizing the heck out of the campaign.  ...Read the whole story

    • Google Screenwise Pays Up To $25 To Track YouGoogle

      Knowledge Networks is giving panelists up to $25 in gift cards to learn about their Internet behavior. The company is working with Google to build a new panel that will teach the search giant about how "everyday people" use the Internet. The project, Screenwise, requires panelists to use a broswer extension that will share information with Google, such as the sites visited and how they are used. Google claims that what it learns will improve search. ...Read the whole story

    • Googler Finds Himself In Middle Of ControversyeConsultancy

      The Google employee Jon Rockway, caught leaving a comment on Hacker News that SEO is bad for the Internet, started a chain of blog posts from Aaron Wall and Graham Charlton analyzing what he really meant. Charlton called it "a surprising statement" by a Google employee. Folks like Elizabeth Ayers, Andrew Girdwood, and Rishi Lakhani also piped in to state their opinion.  ...Read the whole story

    • Search Marketers' New RoleSEOmoz

      Marketers do their companies an injustice by only supporting paid-search marketing. These days, SEMs need to know not only paid search, but optimization and social techniques. In fact, the more marketers know about other online marketing strategies, the more valuable they become. Usher in the new era of inbound marketing, explains Joanna Lord. She outlines 10 steps to support this thesis. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Set Up A YouTube ChannelSEOmoz

      Marketers can choose to host videos on their own server, but setting up a channel on YouTube pretty much guarantees getting the content indexed into two of the biggest search engines in the world. There were 140 online video views for every person on the planet, according to Joel Chudleigh, who provides tips on getting the videos optimized on the site. He takes us through editing profiles, supporting views, editing channels, and YouTube Analytics.  ...Read the whole story

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    • 5 great jobs and 6 great company startup ideas for people with Search ...ITworld
    Google AdMob: No More Minimum Bid

    Google says it is moving performance-based mobile ads to an AdWords model, promising a more open marketplace where some campaign costs will decline and higher-quality ads have a better chance of winning bids. ...More

    • Marketing Physics 101

      Physics has never been my strong suit, but I think I have a good basic grasp of the concepts of velocity and direction. In my experience, the two concepts have special significance in the world of ...More