• Omnicom Group Takes Resolution Global To Optimize Data, Search

    In a bid to maximize the benefits of its global search operations, Omnicom Media Group is re-branding search agencies it uses in 40 countries under the Resolution Media banner, which it acquired in 2005 and had previously just operated in the U.S. The rollout, which represents roughly $2 billion in search billings globally, is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Malware Attacks Up 155% In 2011

    A new report from Juniper Networks underscores the downside of the Android Market's hands-off approach to approving apps. In its annual Mobile Threats Report, it reported a record number of mobile malware attacks, especially to the Android platform. While there was a 155% rise in mobile malware across all mobile operating systems last year, attacks targeting Android jumped 3,325% in just the last seven months of 2011. ...Read the whole story

Complacency In Search Advertising: Growing Beyond Keywords

Yes, there's still growth in paid search, and the search engines will continue to make money from advertisers eager to market to consumers who are actively searching. On the other hand, that growth is slowing dramatically. eMarketer Daily recently predicted that by 2015, U.S. growth in search advertising will flat-line and even be surpassed by online display advertising. Why the stagnation in what has historically been a booming market? The answer comes down to keywords. SEMs are held hostage by them. ...More

  • Could Google Be Its Own Google-Killer?

    As we all know, Google has been a publicly traded company for many years now. So it faces the rather daunting challenge of consistently showing value and growth to its investors. But Google also has a big problem, with several contributing factors: How can it maintain its superstar stock status, or even just survive long-term? ...More