Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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    • Conversion Tracking In AdWordsSearch Engine Watch

      John Lee tells us that Google released conversion data through tracking associated with Ad Extensions, such as Sitelink, Location, Call and Product Extensions. He explains through detailed instructions and screen shots how to build reports in AdWords, and segment ad conversion data. For example, Lee suggests using the Segment feature to see how each extension performed separate from regular text ads. ...Read the whole story

    • The April Fool's Search Spoof With Underlying MeaningSearch Engine Watch

      Through an interview with Dr. Sloof Lirpa, "April Fools" spelled backward, Search Engine Watch uncovers some important issues in search engine marketing, from keyword stuffing to duplicate content canonical issues. Lirpa works at the Sloof Lirpa Center for the Study of Long Tail Profitability in Washington, D.C. Greg Jarboe tells us the center has 459 employees, including 458 with PhDs and 1 normal guy. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Buys Payment Startup TxViaAll Things Digital

      Still trying to salvage its mobile payments business, Google this week said it acquired TxVia for an undisclosed sum. The New York-based startup is understood to have developed a number of payment technologies, including prepaid and gift cards, but to what extent it can help Google is not yet clear. “It is no secret that Google Wallet has had a difficult time since launching about a year ago,” writes AllsThingsD. “Since then, any momentum it had created was squelched when it failed to secure partnerships with the four major wireless providers in the U.S.” Currently, Google Wallet only works only works on ... ...Read the whole story

    • Defining Google's Link-Building ChangesSearch Engine Journal

      The days of using blog and syndication networks to build links are coming to an end, as Google recently announced the de-indexing of the industry’s major blog networks, leaving some SEOs to wonder about the future of link development, according to Jeff Bedford. He provides a list of ideas that could compensate for the change, to help SEO experts and clients to prepare. ...Read the whole story

    • Advanced Landing Page Optimization TechniquesSEOmoz

      Analyzing changes in the Web can help marketers make more informed decisions on how to optimize pages and maximize impact, according to Joanna Lord. Users' expectations have changed, and along with those changes, techniques should advance too. Answering the content needs of site visitors no longer seems to be enough. Lord suggests taking a philosophical approach. Consumers need to feel positive about the site. She tells us how to accomplish these goals. ...Read the whole story

    • New Link-Building Ideas, TechniquesRimm-Kaufman Group

      Todd McDonald analyzes a post where Mike King writes about the responsibilities of SEO experts, and a new process that he believes allows professionals to improve the effectiveness of all digital marketing channels. He looks at the problems with the old process and presents new ideas. McDonald takes those ideas of link-building and expands on them. ...Read the whole story

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    L'Affaire Etch-A-Sketch

    When a chief political advisor to Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney commented that his campaign would essentially reset after the primaries, the advisor used the image of shaking an Etch-a-Sketch as his metaphor. For any brand ...More