Wednesday, April 4, 2012
  • WPP Launches GroupM Next, Copeland Heads Innovation Unit

    WPP's GroupM has created a new innovations unit called GroupM Next that will be overseen by Chris Copeland, the CEO of GroupM Search. The unit is designed to help clients at the company's media shops -- Mindshare, MediaCom, MEC and Maxus -- better navigate the evolving digital sector. ...Read the whole story

  • Search Marketers Should Brace For Industry Consolidation

    The search engine marketing industry should brace for consolidation this year, as enterprise brands look for a variety of SEM services and support from one company. The move could even consolidate a few small platform providers to compete with larger agencies, such as Havas and GroupM. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Finds Channel Attribution Useful, But Misunderstood

    More than half of marketers responding to a survey on the impact of attribution said that understanding the path to conversion allows them to more accurately disburse budgets, per a Google Analytics study. Fifty-two percent of client-side marketers report that attribution has led to an increase in spending on some digital channels, while 72% of marketers say that attribution leads to better ROI. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Explaining Google Code SearchRuss Cox's Blog

      Found through a Twitter tweet by Stefano Di Paola, Russ Cox explains how Google Search code worked before the company shut it down. Cox worked at Google as an intern in 2006. He tells us that at the time "Google had an internal tool called gsearch that acted as if it ran grep over all the files in the Google source tree and printed the results." Cox explains the detailed and complicated code, summarizing its use.  ...Read the whole story

    • Conversion Tracking In AdWordsSearch Engine Watch

      John Lee tells us that Google released conversion data through tracking associated with Ad Extensions, such as Sitelink, Location, Call and Product Extensions. He explains through detailed instructions and screen shots how to build reports in AdWords, and segment ad conversion data. For example, Lee suggests using the Segment feature to see how each extension performed separate from regular text ads. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Buys Payment Startup TxViaAll Things Digital

      Still trying to salvage its mobile payments business, Google this week said it acquired TxVia for an undisclosed sum. The New York-based startup is understood to have developed a number of payment technologies, including prepaid and gift cards, but to what extent it can help Google is not yet clear. “It is no secret that Google Wallet has had a difficult time since launching about a year ago,” writes AllsThingsD. “Since then, any momentum it had created was squelched when it failed to secure partnerships with the four major wireless providers in the U.S.” Currently, Google Wallet only works only works on ... ...Read the whole story

    • Google's Inside Look At 50 Search ChangesGoogle Inside Search

      March was a busy month for Google engineers. The group made 50 changes to its search algorithms. The post links to a video from a meeting in March led by Amit Singhal, in which he discusses changes to search. It took eight video cameras and 16 microphones, but the video provides an inside look at how things get done at Google. ...Read the whole story

    • Defining Google's Link-Building ChangesSearch Engine Journal

      The days of using blog and syndication networks to build links are coming to an end, as Google recently announced the de-indexing of the industry’s major blog networks, leaving some SEOs to wonder about the future of link development, according to Jeff Bedford. He provides a list of ideas that could compensate for the change, to help SEO experts and clients to prepare. ...Read the whole story

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