Thursday, April 5, 2012
  • Google Could Get More Than Movies From Paramount Deal

    YouTube's movie deal with Paramount could contribute more than content to the video site's library. While the movie-rental deal with a fifth major Hollywood studio adds 500 new titles to its expanding online library, it also contributes audience segment data to augment targeted ads. ...Read the whole story

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  • Google Glasses Get Their Close-Up The New York Times

    The world got its first peek at Google’s augmented-reality glasses, renewing questions about the practically, marketability, and stylishness of such a device. In a post shared via Google Plus, employees in the company laboratory known as Google X, including Babak Parviz, Steve Lee and Sebastian Thrun, asked people for input about the prototype of Project Glass. “Mr. Lee, a Google product manager and originally worked on Google mapping software Latitude, mobile maps and indoor maps, is responsible for the software component and the location-based aspects of the glasses,” reports The New York Times’ Bits blog. According to Bits, “The prototype version ... ...Read the whole story

  • How To Adjust To Link-Building Changes SEO Book

    Jim Boykin, link-building guru, sits down with Aaron Wall to talk about search engine optimization strategies. He still views links as a key driver to optimize sites. The two talk about links and the challenges facing SEO professionals, such as whether links are still the backbone of Google's rankings in query results and whether tail keywords are significantly underrated by the market. ...Read the whole story

  • Explaining Google Code Search Russ Cox's Blog

    Found through a Twitter tweet by Stefano Di Paola, Russ Cox explains how Google Search code worked before the company shut it down. Cox worked at Google as an intern in 2006. He tells us that at the time "Google had an internal tool called gsearch that acted as if it ran grep over all the files in the Google source tree and printed the results." Cox explains the detailed and complicated code, summarizing its use.  ...Read the whole story

  • Consider Building Custom Ads Per Audience Google Inside AdWords

    Customizing ads to a specific audience can yield better performance. Katie Miller takes us through the top tips for building audience-targeted creatives, with knowledge gained from the collective experience of hundreds of Google AdWords account teams. She recommends that different stages of the buying cycle should be addressed, for example, and that landing page relevance and calls to action that are geared toward a specific audience should be considered. ...Read the whole story

  • Google's Inside Look At 50 Search Changes Google Inside Search

    March was a busy month for Google engineers. The group made 50 changes to its search algorithms. The post links to a video from a meeting in March led by Amit Singhal, in which he discusses changes to search. It took eight video cameras and 16 microphones, but the video provides an inside look at how things get done at Google. ...Read the whole story

  • What Company Will Google Buy Next? Forbes

    With money to spend and the desire to acquire the necessary talent and technology to achieve the company's goals, David Lawee, head of the mergers and acquisitions group, continues to hunt for the perfect mix of talent and and knowledge, according to Connie Guglielmo. The company made a couple of recent small acquisitions, but there are plans to step up the activity of acquiring entrepreneurs. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Paid-Search Pitfalls And Benefits PPC Hero

    Jeff Allen tells us that for one client, mobile paid-search campaigns have generated 30% of the company's leads at a 40% lower CPL than their desktop and tablet-targeted campaigns. He provides details on some best practices and a couple of pitfalls to get started. One of the biggest, he writes, is enabling mobile targeting in a desktop campaign at the same bid rate. it will likely return worse results because marketers use desktop bids, which are probably higher than bids for mobile. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Ties Up With Paramount 9to5
  • Google Display Network On Auto Pilot Google Inside AdWords
  • Keep Paid-Search Reports Simple Search Engine Watch
  • How Keyword Research Can Improve Your SEO Entrepreneur Magazine
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