Tuesday, April 10, 2012
  • Marketers Increase Search Budgets, Mobile Gets Uptick

    Marketers spent 16% more on search budgets in Q1 in the U.S. and 3% in the U.K. compared with the year-ago quarter, according to a report published Monday. The Adobe Systems Global Digital Advertising Q1 2012 Update reveals that ROI for campaigns in the United States rose 11% in the quarter compared with a year ago. Finance and automotive demonstrated the most increases, while the retail sector fell 5%. ...Read the whole story

  • Pay-Per-Call Ad Tracking 348% Growth Attributed To Mobile, Local

    Mobile advertising continues to shake up traditional ad investments for a variety of media. For call tracking, the shift continues to move dollars from national to local ads. Some 61.6% of the pay-per-call share resides in local ads vs. the remainder for national -- the opposite of a year ago, according to analysis from Telmetrics, which measures pay-per-call ad tracking. ...Read the whole story

  • Appeals Court Rules Against Google In AdWords Lawsuit

    Google potentially confuses consumers by allowing companies' trademarked names to trigger competitors' pay-per-click ads, an appellate court ruled on Monday. Rosetta Stone presented enough evidence to justify a trial about whether consumers were confused by AdWords ads. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • YouTube's Hurley And Chen To Launch New CompanyFusuble

      Zeen, a new project from YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, will let anyone create a digital magazine when the site launches. It's the latest project from the duo, who believe that a Web site is the basic tool every startup needs to get off the ground. The Web page already connects to a Facebook and Twitter account, but today both have few friends and followers. ...Read the whole story

    • Survey Analyzes Search Engine Services In Query ResultsSEO Book

      Aaron Wall asks whether search engines should have an option to preferentially promote their own services in their engine's search results. Nearly two-thirds of those taking the survey said the search engines should not. Of those 65 years and older, more want greater editorial objectivity, whereas those ages 14 to 24 are fine with search engines preferentially promoting their own services. The survey also analyzes age, income and region. ...Read the whole story

    • Hipmunk Trip Adviser Considers SchedulesMashable

      A mobile app update on the Hipmunk mobile platform aims to make it easy to integrate Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple iCal appointments with flight and hotel searches, according to Sarah Kessler. The scheduler alerts users when appointments conflict with flights. Kessler tells us that when booking travel plans, the update eliminates toggling between calendar and Hipmunk. There are several missing features, she writes. Kessler suggests a way to add a travel companion's schedule to search results, for example, and offers up other suggestions. ...Read the whole story

    • Charts That Work Best For Paid-Search Analysis Search Engine Watch

      Having tools to visualize data is an important part of paid-search marketing. Melissa Mackey tells us how to develop charts with both x and y axes, decide which chart style to use for specific campaigns, and determine the numerical value to use to begin the chart. Each chart can tell a different story, provide insights, and help secure budgets for future projects. She tells us the importance of taking the time to craft an informative chart by using the correct visualization tools and data, and then combine them with solid analysis. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Wins Popularity ContestCNN

      Google is more popular than Apple or Facebook, according to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll. Despite continued privacy concerns, only 9% of poll respondents held an unfavorable view of Google, while 10% had no opinion. Apple came in close behind with 74% favorable rating, but 13% held a negative view. ...Read the whole story

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    Structured Thinking About Semantic Search

    Following a March 15 Wall Street Journal article, "Google Gives Search a Refresh," the topic of semantic search has again become a hot-button issue for SEOs and webmasters. In that article, author Amir Efrati refers to ...More