Thursday, April 12, 2012

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    • Does The General Population Know About SEO?SEO Book

      Aaron Wall has been running a series of survey questions related to search engine marketing. This one attempts to determine whether the general public knows more about paid search and AdWords compared with search engine optimization and link building. He explains that one of the major issues with that question involves the numerous check boxes or possibilities for answers. Wall also explores other questions, such as which gender and age group have a greater awareness of SEO. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Optimize YouTube CampaignsKISSmetrics

      Optimizing video metadata, descriptive playlists, helpful annotations, and consistent branding are four tips that Brian Honigman shares. He goes into detail on each, and provides screen shots and examples on how to use each. For instance, Honigman tells us Zappos includes a URL at the very beginning of their description of this video, which for the company works well. He explains why it's important to include a relevant URL to either a specific page or the home page of the company's Web site. ...Read the whole story

    • Finding New Search MetricsSearch Engine Watch

      Converging social media and digital channels will take some getting used to for marketers. Costs related to actions and acquisitions will also be the ultimate metric, but how marketers get there will continue to change. Andy Betts serves up screen shots and details on seven new ideas -- such as matching value to traditional SEO metrics -- that will help marketers measure the value of media.  ...Read the whole story

    • How To Avoid Paid-Search Campaign FailuresPPC Hero

      Marketers don't set out to fail at paid-search campaigns, but Jeff Allen gives us four scenarios that sometimes get overlooked. Over-optimizing or continually pulling levers inside paid-search account bids, ads and keywords to change campaigns can become one sure way. Resist the temptation, he writes -- and he tells us how marketers can think about tweaking accounts rather than jumping into changes. ...Read the whole story

    • What Search Marketers Need To Know About Display TargetingRimm-Kaufman Group

      Ah -- don't you just love it? Search for a product on an engine. Click on the link and through to the online store, and then hop on to a publisher's site without making a purchase, only to get bombarded with ads about the product you left behind. Marketers have heard it before: Search marketing campaigns should not live in a silo. So Michelle Ulizio serves up tips on display advertising targeting options, such as site and search retargeting, as well as how to purchase third-party data. She also explains how to combine buying a block of impressions on a ... ...Read the whole story

    • Search Engine For TrademarksThe New York Times

      Thinking about starting a business? Jessica Bruder profiles a search engine -- Trademarkia -- that helps business owners find a name among the more than six million that exist today in America. The site went live in 2009, but Bruder tells us about the company's challenges, and that it still spends about $1 million yearly on paid-search advertising.    ...Read the whole story

    • How One SMB Gained Positive Results From AutomationMarketingSherpa
    Looking For The B2B Needle In The B2C Haystack

    It's not easy being a B2B marketer of the digital variety. Trust me. The problem is that 99% of the online world seems to be built specifically for the consumer market, and us B2B types have ...More