Wednesday, May 9, 2012
  • FTC, Myspace Settle Privacy Complaint About 'Leaked' Names

    Myspace has agreed to develop a comprehensive privacy program to settle charges that it violated its privacy policy by leaking users' personal information to advertisers. The agreement, announced on Tuesday by the Federal Trade Commission, also calls for MySpace to submit to 20 years of audits. ...Read the whole story

  • Google, Microsoft Develop Separate Video Technology

    Google has developed a technique that mimics professional camera movement and applied it to videos recorded by handheld devices, such as smartphones. While professionals use tripods and dollies, panning a swiftly running cheetah at the San Diego Zoo and getting a clear picture could become quite frustrating on an Android or an iOS phone. ...Read the whole story

  • Reports: Google To Invest In Machinima, Other YouTube Content Partners

    During its Digital Content NewFront presentation last week, Google said it would spend $100 million helping original video content producers set up channels on YouTube, in addition to committing $200 million to market these channels to consumers. Now, according to reports Monday from All Things Digital and The New York Times, Google is considering investing directly in some of YouTube's Web video producers, including the video game content maker Machinima. ...Read the whole story

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    • Search Engine Results, A Form Of OpinionPaid Content

      Evidently Google and other search engines have a constitutional right to control what serves up in search results, according to UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. A report commissioned by Google and authored by Volokh asserts that search engine results are a form of opinion, where companies offer information they believe is most relevant to users. Jeff Roberts compares the study to First Amendment rights claimed by newspapers. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Voice Comes To LG TVsThe New York Times

      For naysayers who believe voice search will not become the next tool for engines, The New York Times reports LG Electronics will ship two Web-enabled Google televisions to the United States. The models will have built-in technology that controls set-top boxes with voice-enabled search. Users can change channels or volume or play games with a swoop. Searching for content will mean telling the TV. Google will use Web-enabled TVs to boost its audience for Google+ and YouTube's original content programming. ...Read the whole story

    • Facebook Tweaks Ad Creation ToolRimm-Kaufman Group

      Melissa Addison details changes to Facebook's Ad Creation Tool, the primary method of creating Facebook ads outside of Facebook’s Power Editor or through Facebook’s API. She includes screen shots to take marketers through the process. The tool includes a step-by-step guide that customizes the input fields from information already entered. ...Read the whole story

    • Are Tablets Stuck In The Bedroom?eMarketer

      eMarketer points to a Q1 2012 study from Viacom that suggests tablet owners use their devices 74% of the time at home. The study finds that tablet owners are most likely to use their devices for entertainment while waiting at an airport or in an airplane when outside the home. Some 36% use their devices in a store. The analysis suggests that tablets do not have the same mobile shopping draw as smartphones. While the study does not explore the why, the most logical reason might be the cost for multiple cellular service agreements. The tablet would transition from the ... ...Read the whole story

    • Will Touch Revolutionize Desktop Search?Venture Beat

      Research presented at CHI 2012, the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Austin, would allow people to search for content on computers by touching the desktop rather than the screen. Venture Beat describes a technology presented at the event called Touche. A touch-sensitive desk surface that allows users to manipulate objects on computer screens with far greater fidelity than even today's best tablets could become one potential application. This new technology would give users the entire surface of a desk to work on. ...Read the whole story

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    Dear SEOs: Google Owes You Nothing

    I have to admit it - yesterday's column by Ryan DeShazer got my dander up a little bit. Just the headline -- "Doesn't Google Owe SEOs Something?" -- caught me and wouldn't let go. So, I ...More