Thursday, May 10, 2012
  • Mobile Ad Platform Serves Up Local Offers In Real-Time

    edo is building out an advertising channel where a swipe of a credit or a debit card becomes the signal to serve up ads. The swipe at the point of sale activates Geocommerce Offers, a mobile advertising platform combining purchase and location data to target ads and offers in real-time. ...Read the whole story

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    • What Search Marketers May Not Have ConsideredSearch Engine Watch

      Should a company outsource SEO services or bring them in-house? Andre Alpar tells us why companies might want to consider a combination of both. He argues for both options, and provides hints on how to find the right mix. In the list of reasons for bringing the strategy in-house, marketers may find speed, cost and integration of media within the company. Alpar also touches on how the particular points might play out. ...Read the whole story

    • Search Engine Results, A Form Of OpinionPaid Content

      Evidently Google and other search engines have a constitutional right to control what serves up in search results, according to UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. A report commissioned by Google and authored by Volokh asserts that search engine results are a form of opinion, where companies offer information they believe is most relevant to users. Jeff Roberts compares the study to First Amendment rights claimed by newspapers. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Smartphone Crawler TipsSEOmoz

      Cindy Krum tells us about the impact of the new Google smartphone bot and how you can use it to make the most of your mobile content. It's a follow-up to a discussion on how the new smartphone bot works and how to author redirects correctly to be sure that mobile content gets indexed properly. Krum explores such topics as avoiding duplicate content, as well as avoiding 404 errors and misdirects. ...Read the whole story

    • Facebook Tweaks Ad Creation ToolRimm-Kaufman Group

      Melissa Addison details changes to Facebook's Ad Creation Tool, the primary method of creating Facebook ads outside of Facebook’s Power Editor or through Facebook’s API. She includes screen shots to take marketers through the process. The tool includes a step-by-step guide that customizes the input fields from information already entered. ...Read the whole story

    • Changes To Google Semantic Search SpottedSearch Engine Journal

      Google is testing a semantic search update, according to David Angotti. He provides an example: "when a user searches 'who directed The Hunger Games,' the answer is provided at the top of the search results. In addition, some users are provided additional information and pictures related to Gary Ross on the right-hand side where ads normally appear." As many of us know, it's not uncommon to see changes in search results that Google may or may not implement. ...Read the whole story

    • Taking The Best From Two Link-Building GuidesSEOmoz

      Following separate link-building guides from Oli Gardner and iAcquire will help marketers identify their Web site audience, build a list of prospects, plan and execute successful pieces of content, and convince influencers to create content for the site. That's according to Michael King, who believes combining the best tactics from both can create successful link-building strategies. The combined guides take us through months of link-building tips and philosophies, such as identifying share of voice, and how to crowdsource posts, do interviews, and conduct blog contests offing awesome prizes. ...Read the whole story

    • Google's New Search Algorithm to Crack Down on 'Black Hat Webspam'Megite Technology News

      Following previous changes to Google's ranking and page layout algorithms, the search giant is pushing yet another update to its algorithm this week with the hopes of curbing "black hat webspam" from creeping into search results. ...Read the whole story

    Believing Is Seeing

    In his book "The Believing Brain," Michael Shermer spends several hundred pages exploring just how powerful beliefs are in forming our view of the world. Beliefs impact not just what we think, but they literally filter ...More

    • Microsoft Releases Predictive Behavior Research

      A group of researchers at Microsoft and the CS Department of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology explored methods for modeling query and click behavior in Web searchers, as well as temporal characteristics in query and URLs ...More

    • Report: Forcing Search Engines To Be 'Fair' Violates Free Speech

      Search engines have a free-speech right to display whichever results they choose, in whichever order they choose, constitutional law scholar Eugene Volokh argues in a paper commissioned by Google and submitted to the Federal Trade Commission. ...More