Monday, May 14, 2012
  • Google's Tim Reis Reveals 'Mobile Playbook'

    Marketers have to define their value proposition by figuring out what customers want to do with their business in mobile and delivering those services. Per Google, 95% of smartphone users have searched for local info and 90% of those people have acted on the search results they got. ...Read the whole story

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    • Marketing Search To Baby BoomersMarketingSherpa

      How do marketers market products online to the 70-plus age group when the target audience focuses on physical and mental challenges that come with age? Steve Parker explains. It starts with a computer that is specifically for seniors -- the WOW! Computer, supported by A/B testing that led to a 400% increase in sales in one year, and a 90% lift in conversion rates. ...Read the whole story

    • Backup Plan For BacklinksSearch Engine Watch

      Marketers who built a back-end Web site structure on exact match anchor text may have a problem when considering Google Penguin. Jennifer Van Iderstyne provides insight into identifying bad vs. good backlinks, starting with a list of tools that will help identify them. When it's time to take out "backlink trash," find the correct person who posted them and reach out to the sites and make the request. After going to the source, keep records and follow up to make sure it has been done. ...Read the whole story

    • SEO Project ManagementSEOmoz

      Project management can become an important way to initiate change. Figuring out the solution is not necessarily the difficult part, but rather getting it done becomes the challenge. Start with keeping reports short and concise. Reports need to convince the reader to make a change, and tell the person how to do it. Start by mapping out the processes by understanding how steps work within the organization; and pre-deliver insight, or over communicate, the change before making it. ...Read the whole story

    • Analytics For BrandingOccam's Razor

      Avinash Kaushik tells us how to measure brand strength. He explains that increasing unaided brand recall occurs when a company creates great products. For example, most of the time consumers don't call the flat laptop a tablet. They call it an iPad, no matter what the brand. Another example points to Googling, rather than searching on an engine, which turned the company's name into a verb. The detailed post takes us through ways to leverage Google Insights, data and timing.  ...Read the whole story

    How Advanced SEMs Roll: Search Query Mining

    Big data is everywhere. It's become a fashionable topic du jour, and in an industry like search engine marketing, where data is everything, that trend holds especially true. One of my favorite quotes on the importance ...More