Wednesday, June 20, 2012
  • Mobile Search Set To Fuel Call-Based Ads

    Businesses spent $132.8 billion in the U.S. last year on local ads and about $68.4 billion -- or 46.5% -- aimed to drive telephone leads, according to a BIA/Kelsey report that highlights the trend toward call-based ads. ...Read the whole story

  • LG Electronics: Talk To Phone For Web Search

    LG Electronics will introduce an intelligent voice search service for its smartphones running on Google's Android operating system to support audio services on 11 applications, such as Web search, text and contacts. The move should be a wake-up call to search engine marketers who will need to rethink how they optimize Web sites and paid-search campaigns. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Google To Stop Sites Converting YouTube Songs Into MP3 FilesTorrentFreak

      In a show of power by an engine, Google is threatening to take action against a popular site that converts YouTube videos into MP3 files -- The site pulls in 1.3 million visitors every day, extracts MP3 audio from YouTube videos and makes it available for users to download, according to TorrentFreak. The site reports that many young people convert these files and listen to them on their mobile phones.  ...Read the whole story

    • Don't View Social As The 'Magical Ranking Power'Search Engine Watch

      Social signals continue to play a more important role in search engine rankings, but David Harry suggests embracing the concept because it makes sense to marketing business strategy, "not because it has magical ranking powers." In a detailed post about signals and ranking factors, Harry points to an interesting research paper on Google+ published by Google. The paper analyzes the importance of selectively sharing content with specific "circles" of people. ...Read the whole story

    • Bing-Yahoo Alliance Nails Higher Conversion RatesMicrosoft adCenter Blog

      Bing and Yahoo make up about 30% of advertising spend by companies supported by Trada's marketplace, which crowdsources search engine campaigns to its network of experts. The companies have released a white paper identifying why the Bing-Yahoo alliance generates higher conversion rates and return on investments on many client campaigns as compared to Google.    ...Read the whole story

    Considerations For Measuring Search And Social Content In Real-Time

    The subject of analytics and measurement is one of the most critical areas to your ongoing strategy and tactical development. By acting in a participatory manner toward search, social, and content marketing, your business gains equity ...More

    • What Happened To... Search?

      Remember search? Search was the darling of the Internet advertising space. It garnered a huge portion of the ad dollars dedicated to online (~40%) and was dominated by a single player (Google). Everywhere you turned there ...More

    • ITC Becomes a Google Certified Partner

      Los Angeles-based Internet marketing firm ITC Monday announced that they have become a Google certified partner. ITC specializes in SEO operations, and have "climbed to the top 1% of the SEO industry and [can now claim] ...More