Free Google Product Listings: RIP, We Hardly Knew Ye

When October rolls around, retailers will be finding their free ride on Google Product Search is over -- it will be replaced by Google Shopping. No longer will marketers be able to just provide Google a data feed of their inventory and product details and sit back and enjoy free activity from organic search. ...More

  • 2022: A Search Odyssey

    In my last column, I shared SEM lessons learned from my ten-year Bonnaroo reunion. One of the more heady revelations I had at the festival was that "a lot can happen in 10 years." As I think about the 20-year reunion in 2022, many questions come to mind: Will my kids think I'm cool or lame for going? How much will a gallon of gas cost? Will Phish still be doing their thing? How will the world of search marketing look? For the sake of this column, let's put that last one in our pipe and smoke it. ...More