• Ad, Media Coalition Taps Symphony To Orchestrate 'Cross-Platform' Ad Effect Research

    The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), a trade group created by Madison Avenue and big media companies to research and develop better methods for measuring audiences in an increasingly "cross-platform" media world, has tapped Symphony Advanced Media to "pilot test" what it hopes will be a better approach for measuring the effectiveness of advertising placed across various media. The test comes as others in the advertising and media industry are accelerating their efforts to understand the contribution various media have on audiences and advertising effectiveness, including the Association of National Advertisers, which on Monday announced that the Media Rating ...Read the whole story

  • Zaarly Buy Button Links Publishers To Local Businesses

    Mobile marketplace Zaarly launched a tool Tuesday that allows publishers to connect local businesses with consumers looking for goods and services in spontaneous moments. 'The Los Angeles Times' and 'The Fancy' will launch Zaarly Anywhere within 30 days. ...Read the whole story

  • Attribution Requires Marketers To Understand Display Ad Impact

    Drilling into media paths to determine what drives consumers to purchase is key to improving efficiencies in cross-channel marketing and advertising. For both retail and travel industries, multichannel conversion paths that lead with display advertising tend to convert consumers to buyers most rapidly -- but determining the correct type of display ad is a challenge. ...Read the whole story

What Is Premium Now?

Do advancements in display advertising make advertisers better off today compared to four years ago? As technologies like programmatic buying and native ad units take hold, this question is also relevant to the evolution of "premium" display ads. Ad pundits have already made display advertising the most jargon-littered playing field in the digital realm, and adding to the confusion is the constant evolution of what premium display -- the industry's alleged creme de la creme -- actually means. ...More

  • Marissa Mayer Hire Gives Yahoo Much-Needed Lift

    Yesterday may have been Yahoo's best day in the last five years. Marissa Mayer will be CEO, and Yahoo couldn't have found a better person to guide it. ...More

  • Three Lessons Learned From Digg's Burial

    I don't know if "shocking" is the right word. Improbable. Unexpected. Sad. Indescribable. Last Thursday Digg announced it had been sold to Betaworks for a reported measly $500,000. The social news site that was one of the early darlings of the online social media movement will now be folded into a revamped Betaworks offering, News.me. Digg's rise, and subsequent fall, offers a sobering look into the fickleness of the modern Web consumer. Through the constant stream of innovation, the status quo is always being challenged. Search marketers should take notice of the lessons Digg's demise offers. ...More