Friday, July 20, 2012
  • GroupM: Global Digital Ad Forecast To Hit $99 Bil

    GroupM estimates positive growth for digital media. It forecast growth in measured digital media investments will rise between 16% and 18% to approximately $99 billion globally in 2012. The figure represents 20% of the 2012 measured ad spend. Digital spending trends continue an upward trend globally, regardless of local economic conditions. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Reports $12 Bil In Consolidated Revenue

    Google reported $12 billion -- up 35% sequentially -- in consolidated revenue for Q2 2012, which includes a sub-period for Motorola. Remove traffic acquisition and revenue from acquisition and the company generated $8.3 billion. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • What Makes Good Paid-Search Ad Copy? Search Engine Watch

      David Jaeger knows that it's important to understand what motivates people to click on a link or make a purchase. Continually split testing ad copy typically improves success, but he explains how to reduce risk, improve credibility, create calls to action, and build perceived value to go along with the actual benefits. It's also important to identify competitors and think about keywords that create action. ...Read the whole story

    • Comparing Old Testament With New WebSearch Engine Guide

      Stoney deGeyter gives us an interesting comparison between the old testament and online marketing, contrasting the book of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Joshua, and others with search engine optimization. Some might consider this a bit of a stretch, but take the book of Proverbs, for example. He writes: "Look for trusted sources of SEO wisdom and follow them regularly. Take what you learn to heart and apply their wisdom wherever you can." Or the book of Ezra. He writes: "If any search engine puts you in exile, there is a way out. It starts by going back to the basics, getting ... ...Read the whole story

    • Calculating Employee ValueClickZ

      Thinking about return on investments (ROI) might create images of online ads or products, but Jack Aaronson wants us to think about the ROI gained from employees. He tells us how more companies need to invest in their employees as well as products and services for clients. For those thinking about producing an ROI scale, Aaronson suggests they begin by calculating the frequency in which employees change jobs to determine their lifetime value. ...Read the whole story

    • Engine Searches For CodeeWeek

      Black Duck Software updated its search engine aimed at searching online directories for open-source projects, and code search engine called Ohloh Code. The updates are designed to speed the development and adoption of free and open-source software. The engine gives developers access to more than 10 billion lines of open-source code and adds filtering capabilities to speed up code search and selection, according to Darryl Taft. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Marrying Search With Google+?Search Engine Land

      Is Google working on a deeper integration between Google Search and Google+? Suggesting as much, Search Engine Land picks on a tweet from a search marketer, which points to a new “share” link next to URLs. “Upon hitting the button, users are prompted to share directly to Google+ from the results pages,” SEL reports. “The result is included as a link and users are given the ability to add a comment.” Users also appear to be able to share pages that they haven’t yet clicked through to.  ...Read the whole story