Tuesday, July 24, 2012
  • Aegis Continues To Bolster iProspect, Expands Presence In China, France

    Aegis Group, which has agreed to be acquired by Asia's biggest agency holding company, Tokyo-based Dentsu, continues its own expansion into Asia, announcing a deal this morning that will dramatically accelerate its iProspect network across China. The deal includes a majority stake in a new joint venture with China's Beijing Adsit Technology Co. to form iProspect China. ...Read the whole story

  • Study Finds 'Viewability' Matters In Search Too, Above-The-Fold Performs Above Average

    At a time when the "viewability" of display ad impressions is taking center stage on Madison Avenue, a new report suggests it is equally significant for search advertising. The report, which is being released this morning by search engine optimization firm Conductor, concludes that "millions of dollars in brand value are lost when brands fall below the fold in search engine results." ...Read the whole story

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    • Bing Testing Product Listing AdsRimm-Kaufman Group

      Mark Ballard believes he got a glimpse of Bing's version of a paid product listing. He tells us it appears that adCenter is testing their version of Google's Product Listing Ads, and provides an example of one new ad he spotted on some Bing search engine results pages late last week. Ballard believes the move will not only give Microsoft and Yahoo a boost, but benefit advertisers as well. ...Read the whole story

    • Facebook, Apple BurnoutSodaHead

      Are consumers burning out on Facebook and Apple? Survey results published in an infographic by SodaHead.com find that 52% of respondents think they will spend less time on Facebook in the next year, while only 12% plan to spend more, and 36% think they will spend the same. In terms of Apple's rumored iPad Mini product launches, only 28% are interested, while 72% are "over it." The survey finds that fewer are excited about the iPhone5 -- with 26% saying they are interested, and 74% are over it. ...Read the whole story

    • Google Fuels Nexus 7 Interest With AdCNET

      Stoking excitement around its new tablet, Google just released a one-minute Nexus 7 commercial. Dubbed "Camping," the remarkably traditional spot features a father and son camping and exploring the woods. Along the way, the pair relies on the Nexus 7 to find their way through the woods, search locations on Google Maps, and play games in their tent. “Google's Nexus 7 promotion comes at a time when the company's tablet is selling like gangbusters,” CNet notes.  ...Read the whole story

    • How To Tackle Google's Spammy Link WarningSEOmoz

      Google Webmaster Tools last week identified "unnatural links" on SEOmoz, much to the surprise of Ruth Burr. The site has built what she calls an "SEO's dream," putting hours into building a community of passionate people who share views on the site and content from it. Burr explains how those links might have been interpreted by Google's bots, how spammy links might influence a site's rankings, and how to approach similar messages. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Limit Calls To ActionSEOmoz

      Limit social and email calls to action to make them more effective, such as "Follow us on Pinterest" or "Like us if you like us." Rand Fishkin provides tactical strategies that can help marketers make better decisions. Just as marketers wouldn't put a zillion "buy" buttons on an ecommerce page, site visitors should have to visit social and email sign-up pages where calls to action outnumber other information. Fishkin give us best practices to streamline processes, including limiting the email page to two calls to action and promoting where action is most likely to happen. ...Read the whole story

    • How Local Targeting Boosts Search Ad PerformanceSearch Engine Watch

      Michael Boland talks with YP's David Kurtz about the company's new ads, and what they mean for national brands and local small-and-medium size businesses that want to focus on local, mobile campaigns. YP's new feature -- a store locator launched from display ads -- provides nearby locations and details displayed on customized landing pages, based on where the user stands. ...Read the whole story

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    • What Makes Consumers Buy For Back-To-SchoolThe Street
    • Finding Information Through PHP ErrorsSEOmoz
    The First Rule Of SEO: Don't Panic!

    Over the past week, Google was at it again, challenging the sanity and stress levels of SEOs everywhere. Last week, many Webmasters received a message in Google Webmaster Tools that seemed to threaten site removal from ...More