Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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    • CRO, Testing TipsPPC Hero

      Research competitors, create a plan, estimate the benefits, and pull data from other completed conversion rate optimization (CRO) tests to help clients see the benefits. These are some of the points Kayla Kurtz discusses in a five-step plan to help get clients on board with CRO and testing. For example, Kurtz suggests researching the top three paid-search competitors for the company's highest-converting keywords and analyzing their landing pages and conversion path. This can provide insight into better-optimizing company Web site pages. ...Read the whole story

    • Helping Google Crawl SitesGoogle Webmaster Central

      Google provides more information about the URL Parameters feature in Webmaster Tools designed for webmasters who want to help Google crawl their site more efficiently. Maile Ohye explains the configuration parameters in a video. By telling Google how parameters behave and the recommended action for Googlebot, webmasters can improve your site's crawl efficiency. If configured incorrectly, webmasters may accidentally recommend that Google ignore important pages. ...Read the whole story

    • Bing Data, Cloud Assets Move Toward AppsCNET

      Adam Sohn, Bing's general manager, tells Mary Jo Foley about data and cloud assets that have emerged around Bing. Not a surprise that about 100 Bing developers have been writing apps for Windows 8 tablets, Windows phones, and the Xbox entertainment console. The series of Bing apps built by the Application Experience team seems like just the beginning. ...Read the whole story

    • Philosophizing ContentKISSmetrics

      Neil Davidson begins with a philosophical debate on whether marketers can create viral content, or whether the reaction to the content creates the effect. He analyzes the meaning of viral and why people share content, looks at ways to charm customers, and suggests processes that could increase the likelihood that people will share the content. ...Read the whole story

    • Do You Bing Or Google?Search Engine Watch

      Some 62% of people participating in a study of 150 said they do not want social content in their search engine results, compared with 19% who do and the remainder who had no preference. When asked for an opinion comparing the way Bing and Google present a universal layout preference, 53% said Google, 31%, Bing, and 16%, no preference. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Increase Landing Page Conversion RatesPPC Hero

      The goal to increase conversion rates remains top of mind for all marketers. Sean Quadlin delves into a case study highlighting the importance of showing how a new landing page can improve performance and conversion rates. He provides a look "behind the scenes" of an account to demonstrate a point. It all starts with trying to fix a landing page that only converts 0.22% of the time -- turning it into one, by month four, that converts 4.86% of the time. ...Read the whole story

    • BYOD Opens Door To Financial LossesJuniper Research
    • Tips To A Better Converting Landing PageMicrosoft Advertising adCenter
    • Google Snags Frommer's Wall Street Journal
    In Search of the Hybrid Media Exec

    Whether you call it integrated marketing, 360 communications or media-neutral planning, the need to systematically adopt processes that objectively and consistently reflect the media landscape and how consumers interact with it has gone largely un-met. ...More

    • Federal Court Allows Google To Appeal Class-Action Status In Book Suit

      Earlier this year, U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin granted class-action status to authors who were suing Google for infringing copyright with its book digitization project. That move marked a significant setback for Google, which had argued ...More

    • Online Video Ad Viewers Buy More Clothes, More Frequently

      As retailers track this year's back-to-school shopping season, already in full swing, they may find that video is driving sales. In a consumer survey from Google analyzing shopping behavior around apparel buying, the search giant found ...More