• Smartphone Users Responsive To Ads

    A large majority of smartphone owners use their devices to consume digital content, including media and information, according to a new survey for the Online Publishers Association. Interestingly, ad response rates were higher among smartphone users who have paid for content. ...Read the whole story

  • Email Remains Strong Brand Marketing Tool

    Despite the rise of social, email remains a strong channel for brands to engage consumers. More than 55% of brands had statistically significant increases in open rates for [the second quarter] 2012, according to Experian's CheetahMail unit. ...Read the whole story

Shopper Marketing's True Potential

The bar has been raised for Shopper Marketers. It's time to let creativity inspire action through a rich connection that celebrates the shopper beyond the performance of a product. And we believe the connection will be the reward -- for the shopper, the brand, and the store. ...More

  • Swimming The Social Channel For Better Email

    Social channels provide marketers a wonderful virtual duck blind where they can actually see the reactions to their campaigns and use not just feedback, but direct interactions with their target market, to optimize their approach. Social channels will help you gauge what is relevant and effective and will allow subscribers and non-subscribing consumers to inspire you to create even more effective content. ...More

  • The New CRM: Content Relationship Marketing

    Advances in technology, particularly mobile, provide companies with expanding platforms to reach their target customers. Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers can extend audience reach, but is the content shared through these vehicles resonating with your intended audience? Is it building and/or maintaining relationships? Does it provide a third-party view of your organization? ...More

  • The Future is Targeting

    Not that long ago, the presumed foundation of any successful advertising campaign was based on the principles of reach and frequency – namely, get a message in front of as many people as you can as often as possible and your work was done. These mass media campaigns focus on bombarding consumers with brand message at all turns in order to get brand awareness and market exposure.  While reach and frequency focused campaigns may be effective for some branding efforts, the “shotgun” approach they employ is generally wasteful in terms of time, resources and money because, apart from reaching consumers ...More