The Tricky Intersection Of Social And Search

People don't trust search ads. At least, 64% of people don't trust search ads. Apparently, search is not unique. According to the same research, nobody trusts ads of any kind. That's not really surprising, given that it's advertising. Its entire purpose is to make us suddenly want crap we don't need. Small wonder we don't trust it. But you know what we do trust? The opinions of our friends. Nothing I should have said up to this point should come as a shock to anyone reading this column. The only thing I found mildly surprising here was that we had ...More

  • Online Video Viewing Hits Record In August Of 188 Million Viewers, Ads Lag

    The online video business might be enjoying a record number of viewers, but the number of ads seen hasn't returned yet to the highs hit in the spring. In comScore's just-released monthly report on video viewing, the measurement firm said a record 188 million Americans watched 37.7 billion online videos in August. That's a rise from 184 million Americans checking out online videos in July. ...More

  • New Court Ruling Means No End In Sight To Author Guild's Battle With Google

    A long-running legal battle between the Authors Guild and Google won't end any time soon, thanks to a new court ruling. This week, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals granted Google's application to stay proceedings in the trial court while the company appeals an order allowing the authors to bring a class-action. That ruling means that a decision about the central question -- whether Google's ambitious book digitization project is protected by fair-use principles -- might not come for at least one year. ...More