Tuesday, September 2, 2014
  • About.com Rebrands Identity, Uses Data To Build Out Ad Targeting Platform

    About.com began operating under a new brand identity and site redesign Tuesday, purging the misplaced photos, awkward navigation and ads that interrupt text. The site offers a new suite of native advertising and content marketing options for marketers segmented by channels to help searchers discover what they need. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Rebrands Enterprise To Google For Work

    Google put a plan in motion Tuesday to formally dethrone Microsoft as the go-to company for enterprise apps and services like Gmail and Cloud. The Mountain View, Calif. company rebranded Google Enterprise to Google for Work in an effort to better support the more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies that use one of its paid, enterprise products. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: Brands Targeting Online More Narrowly, Missing Greater Share Of Intended Targets

    While the ad industry has embraced conventional audience ratings as a method for determining the reach of their online ad campaigns, new trend data from Nielsen indicates that brands are basing their digital audience buys on increasingly narrower targets. The data suggests that marketers target more narrowly with digital media than with television, and that as more advertisers begin utilizing digital media ratings, they gravitate toward increasingly narrower segments. ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix Urges Users To Recommend TV, Movies Via Facebook

    As part of its broader social marketing strategy, Netflix is now encouraging users to recommend particular TV shows and movies to friends and family on Facebook. Per the new feature, a user's Facebook connections will receive their recommendation the next time they log into Netflix. ...Read the whole story

  • Fitbit Holds Lead Among Fitness Wearables

    "Fitbit has been around for the last seven, eight years. It's not an overnight success," Harry Wang, director of health and mobile research at Parks, tells "Marketing Daily." "The consumer needs to be aware of what's out there. The timing was right for them." ...Read the whole story

  • In Dollar Dust-Up, Marketing To Poor Gets New Focus

    As the economic recovery breathes new life into luxury marketing, it's easy to overlook shifting demographics among poorer consumers. Yet "the dollar channel continues to grow because it's so well aligned to the needs of the core, low-income shopper," says Mike Paglia, Kantar Media director of retail insights. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • YouTube Begins To Roll Out Tool Allowing Channels To Solicit DonationsAndroid Police

      Google has begun to roll out a tool for YouTube creators that allows them to solicit donations from their videos. The tool announced earlier this year is rolling out in four countries, reports Android Police, which details how it works. For instance, when watching a video produced by someone who accepts donations, an icon appears in the top left corner of the video. In other cases, hovering over that icon reveals a banner with an option to support the channel. ...Read the whole story

    • Publicis Groupe Acquires Nurun For Technology, ExpertiseWall Street Journal

      Publicis Groupe said Tuesday that it had acquired Nurun, an independent global design and technology consultancy, from Quebecor Media for 125 million Canadian dollars. The company, known for its expertise in system integration, also supports product design, ecommerce and technology. Nurun IT Consulting Services in Quebec provides IT outsourcing and system integration services primarily to the Quebec Provincial Government. Nurun works with Adidas, L'Oreal, Videotron, LVMH, Pirelli, SNCF, Haier, Pernod-Ricard, Home Depot, Walmart, Sony, Google, LeapFrog, and Tesla Motors. ...Read the whole story

    • How Words And Concepts Change MeaningEconsultancy
    Google Seeks Extra Credit With Latest Adwords Changes

    Have you ever contributed to something and felt like you didn't quite get the credit you deserved? For example, I cheered very loudly at many Seattle Seahawks games last year and the team won the Super ...More

    • Tablet, App and Rich Media Ads Show Much Stronger Performance

      Tablet ads, app ads and video-laden rich media handily drive performance in mobile advertising, according to aggregated Q1/Q2 metrics from ad-serving platform Medialets. ...More

    • Mobile Plus Apps Equals Retail Engagement

      More than 60% of U.S. consumers' time spent online with retailers takes place on a mobile device, according to comScore, and that translates into huge growth potential for progressive retailers. The Internet Retailer Mobile 500 reports ...More