• Two Tap API Readies Black Friday And Cyber Monday Searches
    Landing pages highlighting featured deals, sales and specials are not always easy to set up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, because brands sometimes don't know the specials far in advance -- but brands are running out of time. Google needs hours to days to index pages serving up in search engine query results. Product availability and keeping links updated proves crucial, especially during the holidays.
  • Yahoo's Financial Gain From Mozilla Deal Worth Billions
    Some believe the "cracks" in Google's search monopoly are finally beginning to show. The latest was announced Wednesday. The deal makes Yahoo the default search engine for the Mozilla Firefox browser, breaking up a decade-old relationship between Mozilla and Google.
  • Targeting Paid-Search Ads, Videos Pays Off On Thanksgiving Day
    Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with walnuts became one of my favorite recipes after searching online for a different type of dessert that would allow me to taste chocolate and get nutritional benefits from oatmeal. Rather than print out the recipe, I pull up the directions on my iPhone to follow along. Apparently I'm not alone, according to Google. Interestingly, the idea to use the Web as recipe box gives consumer product goods brands an opportunity to cross target paid-search ads to cooks looking for specific ingredients or cooking times and instructions for side dishes and main meals.
  • Mobile Apps Spotlight Search For Black Friday Deals
    Mobile apps from Target and other retail stores will feed the Black Friday deals this holiday season, but consumers will rely on search more often to find the deals. One in two consumers will search the Internet for shopping deals this holiday season, per a study released Tuesday. This makes sense, since it's an online survey, with the majority of participants favoring online ads over TV or email.
  • One Company Ties Twitter Audience Segments To Search Campaigns
    Integration of social data to support search campaigns isn't new, but one company with its roots in search believes it has found a way to automate the ability to build social audience segments and apply them to other media.
  • Google Cardboard Shows Volvo How To Turn XC90 Into A Virtual Reality Experience
    Volvo has tapped Google's virtual reality project Google Cardboard that allows consumers to take a virtual test drive in its XC90 model. The campaign debuts at the Los Angeles auto show. Potential car buyers can download a Volvo Reality app from Google PlayStore and insert their smartphone into the Google Cardboard viewer to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the open road.
  • Lack Of Time, Resources Stifle Cross-Channel Ad Targeting This Holiday Season
    A lack of time and resources will keep marketers from targeting their best customers during this holiday season, per a study released Thursday. Some 69% of marketers in South America compared with 59% in North America and 49% in EMEA said they will target their best customers this holiday season, but not without a bit of difficulty. About 39% of global marketers say they lack the time and the resources to target their best customers, and 14% of North American marketers claim the same limitations. One in five of the marketers in the survey report an inability to identify their ...
  • IoT Calling On Search Engine Optimizers To Optimize Smart Devices
    Search engine optimization professionals need to start thinking about how search technology will navigate devices linked into the Internet of Things. It's not easy when for the past 20 years professionals have focused solely on pages and advertising serving up on engines and Web sites. The future of search resides in automatic identification through beacons, sensors, global positioning systems and other types of technology that push information rather than pull.
  • Visual And Voice Search Influence Mobile, SERPs
    The time consumers spend on mobile devices continues to drive up the number of mobile searches carried out daily around the world. Mobile searches rely on different functions and technology, such as GPS, and are strongly influenced by features like voice or image search. Visual plays a huge role in mobile search, per BloomReach.
  • Google Trend Data Identifies Individuals With Interest In Bitcoin
    Search intent can tell us so many things. It can provide insight into future purchases, as well as the characteristics of consumer behavior. University of Kentucky researchers published a paper titled "Characteristics of Bitcoin Users: An Analysis of Google Search Data," which examines the characteristics of U.S. bitcoin users based on an analysis of Google search data.
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