• Context In Messaging Apps Creates One More Search Intent Signal
    Messaging apps continue to delve deeper into search features. This morning Google contributed to a $100 million investment in Symphony Communications Services, and I learned about Symphony's search features for its personal messaging tools such as the ability to search through conversations, tokens and terms; hashtags, cashtags and mentions; among others things.
  • How To Break Down Data Silos In Mobile Apps
    Consumers use different apps for a variety of reasons. Microsoft engineers have published a paper on the ways to connect data in siloed apps. It disrupts the natural flow of information -- not only for marketers, but consumers too.
  • Disney Accelerator Program Showcases Sports Stats Search Engine
    The Walt Disney Co. showcases 10 startups Wednesday afternoon in its second accelerator program. With the Techstars network behind the endeavor, entrepreneurs develop media and entertainment products with the possibility of some sort of collaboration with major companies. All from this year's program have tie-ins to Disney in the works, according to executives.
  • Automotive Giants Meet To Further Standards For In-Vehicle Data
    The future for location-based and in-vehicle data doesn't begin and end with a search query through an on-board WiFi connection in the dashboard.
  • Collective, 4A's Foundation Announce Bill Caspare Memorial Fund
    Remembering someone special through a memorial fund pays it forward through a tribute. What's "it"? Whatever expertise and kindness the person gave to the community. In this case, Bill Caspare gave much of his time to developing a budding online advertising industry.
  • Amazon, Bing, Google Product Ads Critical To Holiday Search Campaigns
    Images and videos have become the hot ticket to attract consumers looking for holiday gifts. In fact, product ads or product listing ads (PLA) on Amazon, Bing and Google have become the first point of entry for consumers searching for computers, smartphones, televisions, jewelry clothing, shoes and other items.
  • Former Google Employee Owns Google.com Domain For 60 Seconds
    Former Google employee Sanmay Ved, who casually browsed Google's domain name-buying service, noticed the tech giant's most-visited domain became available for purchase after the ecommerce platform added it to his checkout cart.
  • Google Executive Speaks Out On Ad Blocking At Advertising Week
    Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's top advertising executive, told Advertising Week attendees that "crappy ad experiences" are behind the increase in ad-blocking tools -- and that Google, along with the advertising and publishing industries, must fix it.
  • Trust Vs. Action: Both Valuable To Search Marketers
    Trust in paid online and mobile ads has remained relatively consistent since 2013. Some 48% of respondents to this global survey from Nielsen say they completely or somewhat trust online video advertisements, but ads served in search engine results fell 1% to 47% in the past two years.
  • Details Of Google Customer Match And Your Gmail Address
    Remember the Gmail address you gave the clerk during checkout when making a purchase at Anthropologie, Bloomingdale's, or Williams-Sonoma? What about when financial institutions like Bank of America ask whether you want an email, printed receipt or both after each transaction? The reasoning for why you gave up that personal piece of information made you feel green. Not printing a receipt saves one more tree branch. Rids the world of one more piece of paper to decompose in a compost pile. Ah, but Google and brands had something else in mind.
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