• Real-Time Automation, In-App Tracking Comes To Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing continues to play catch-up with search when it comes to tools and automation. Many marketers lack the tools that allow brands like Zappos to measure the number of consumers the media drives through the channel on its Web site, compare it to other marketing media, or serve up personal messages based on retargeting. Automation provides the means to take affiliate marketers beyond the analysis of top-line sales and metrics to mining the data on desktop and mobile to gain better results. One executive thinks her company can bridge the gap.
  • Video Content Holds Consumers' Attention Span Longer
    Visual content usually guides purchase decisions, especially video. It also prompts searches and sharing. We are more likely to remember brand messages with video. Some retailers have added spin photography that allows shoppers to get a 360-degree view of the product. Forrester Research says content is much more likely to land on page one in Google search query results if it includes video.
  • Google, The 'Platform For Piracy,' Per News Corp
    Robert Thomson, CEO at News Corp -- the publishing company that owns The Times, The Sun, and The Wall Street Journal -- wrote a letter to the European Commission urging regulators to reconsider their settlement with the Mountain View, Calif. company. He suggests the "shinning vision of Google's founders" was replaced by a "cynical management" that abuses its dominance in Internet search and stifles competition.
  • Search Data In Mobile Apps Shows Unmet Demand
    Marketers need to begin looking at data differently. I can't say it loud enough. For many retailers, marketers, and buyers, there is a huge missed opportunity in mobile apps -- not with cross-device attribution or location-based tracking and targeting with beacons, but in terms of search data in the app showing unmet demand. This was brought to my attention by Point Inside, a startup that built a mobile application for retailers to help consumers find products on their store shelves. The model would turn marketing into a revenue-generating business rather than one that spends.
  • The Psychological Makeup of Women You Target With Search Ads, Organic Listings
    Knowing the psychological profile of women your brand targets with search optimization and paid-search ads will produce better insight into the technology that will capture her attention, and help identify the message that resonates most. Cautious Camille seems happy, balanced and fulfilled, and is easily motivated by having and sticking to a plan. So, how do you market to her when she's only partially comfortable with trying new things? A study from Insights in Marketing asks an important question: If brand spending on advertising rose 3.6% in 2013 to between $160 billion and $177 billion, why do less than one-third ...
  • Your Daily Search Tips To Personalize Emails
    Revenue generated through online sales could reach $370 billion by 2017 -- up from $291 billion this year, per Forrester Research -- but many top brands don't have the skills or the technology to greet consumers with a personal digital marketing experience. The biggest problem involves a lack of tools to analyze data to personalize emails and their content, even during a time when it has become so easy to click on a link in an email from a mobile phone and make a purchase.
  • Debunking Brand Loyalty Myths
    Are you loyal to any brands? Marketers look to demographic information such as age and income to predict brand loyalty -- but a recent survey shows that this may not be the best approach.
  • iCrossing, Kenshoo Build Marketing Tool Chest
    iCrossing's access to Hearst's audience data from 200 million unique monthly visitors across its network of sites and other third-party sources gives a newly formed partnership with Kenshoo an edge. The two companies are integrating technology they say will produce better keyword bid predictions, cost-per-click analysis, and reporting for search engine marketing, as well as other media channels like organic search and paid social media.
  • Google Turning Search Partner Sites Into Connected AdSense Marketplace
    Google has made it possible for brands to extend their Shopping Campaigns beyond google.com and into the Google Search Network that includes retailers like Walmart.com as part of the tech company's AdSense for Shopping program. The retailers need to opt in to the program, allowing partner ads to serve up.
  • How To Forecast Content Performance
    Brand marketers spend thousands of dollars developing content, but they don't know for certain whether it will drive conversions. Content marketing isn't new, but it's changing the face of marketing. One company believes it has found the formula to determine the success of content before it is produced or written based on its research that shows 80% of the content's performance gets identified at the idea stage before fingertips hit the keys.
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