• The Click Cost Of Retailers Attracting Consumer Attention
    Retailers will spend on average between $0.90 and $3.41 per click to catch the attention of consumers during the Black Friday holiday shopping season.
  • Only One-Third Of Kids 12-15 Know The Difference Between Search Results And Ads
    A study released from Ofcom, a watchdog in the United Kingdom, suggests that Google and others are not doing enough to make sure kids understand the difference between paid search or sponsored advertisements and organic query results.
  • Mobile App Streams: What Search Marketers Need To Know About Measurement
    The advertising industry stands at the edge of a cliff looking down at the beginning of a new metrics and measurement guide for mobile, in my opinion. This became apparent after Google revealed testing with a handful of brands the ability to stream apps without downloading them. Others have a similar belief.
  • Google: How Mobile, Video, Search Meet On The Road To Car Buying
    Search interest for pictures of specific car brands from Chevy, Ford, Mercedes, Lexus and others rose 37% year-over-year -- and about 80% of these searches occur on mobile, according to research released this year, which analyzes how consumers use search, YouTube, images and video to make a purchase. In this case, bigger-ticket items: automobiles.
  • Don't Serve Me The Same Ad As Ray Next Door. Believe Me - We're Nothing Alike
    Now that marketers have access to dynamic creative ads in HTML5, marketers -- especially those focusing on search -- buying display media should know my preferences on publisher sites from my searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as the swipes and the clicks I make throughout the day.
  • The North Face Transports OUTSIDE Subscribers To Nepal Through Virtual Reality
    The North Face will transport 75,000 subscribers of the publication OUTSIDE to the mountains and landmarks of Nepal through a virtual reality campaign (VR) scheduled to run in December. The publisher says it will optimize the content to support the campaign.
  • Microsoft Recognizes Behavior In Images
    Computers are just beginning to identify emotions communicated by the facial expressions in an image. Some call this face tracking -- and it will help Microsoft target better ads.
  • GoDaddy: SEO Marketers Need A Louder Megaphone
    GoDaddy engineers have developed a Search Engine Visibility (SEV) tool designed to determine the needs of Web site owners before recommending appropriate actions, keywords and content, using easy-to-understand questions. The tool is designed to improve site optimization, and since domain names and SEO go hand in hand, I'm a little surprised the company doesn't tout its offering and the importance of optimization a little louder.
  • Yahoo Spruces Up Search Results On Mozilla Firefox Browser
    Yahoo continues its efforts to make search results more appealing to advertising and consumers to increase market share. On Wednesday the company made changes to its results exclusively available to those searching on desktops from the Mozilla Firefox browser on Windows, Mac and Linux in the U.S.
  • Google's Building Blocks For Semiconductors, Smartphones And Implications For Search
    Reports speculate that Google will "build" its own smartphone, which -- unless the company acquires or builds a contract manufacturing facility -- is completely unrealistic. It would require several hundreds of millions of dollars, because founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page would need a completely automated state-of-the-art robotics facility supported by a cloud infrastructure.
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