• Bing Shopping Campaigns Begin To Roll Out, Capitalize On Images
    Microsoft has begun rolling out Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads to a handful of brands, with plans to open the platform to others in the next few months. Shopping Campaigns allows brands to track and optimize the product catalog directly in the ad platform.
  • Will Project Fi Lead Google To Acquire T-Mobile Or Sprint?
    It's a long shot, but I woke up this morning contemplating whether Google, in the long term, will continue to pay Sprint and T-Mobile to run data and voice over their respective networks or simply dig deep into their coffers and buy one of the companies. Here's why.
  • Google Slows Click Growth, Impressions Decline
    One hospitality brand described behavioral changes based on more consumers using their mobile phone to search for goods and services. The brand marketer said phone calls continue to rise -- not just from clicks on ads, but a variety of Google and Bing services that give consumers the ability to click on a phone number and call the business. This reflects statistics in a Q1 2015 report released by Merkle RKG.
  • What's Best For Brands: Higher Search Impressions, or Lower Cost Per Click and Competition?
    First impressions account for a lot, especially when they appear in search results. Higher impressions without conversions, however, don't bode well for higher competition and cost per click (CPC). Google delivered 138% more impressions than the Yahoo-Bing network across six categories in 2014, but CPCs and competition were much lower for brands advertising on the Yahoo-Bing network, per a report released Tuesday.
  • Google, Yahoo Encrypting Ad Network Connections
    Google and Yahoo in separate announcements said they will individually encrypt ad network connections to reduce bot traffic and other types of ad fraud. The news coincides with the release of Malwarebytes Labs findings last week. Researchers found malvertising in Flash ads involving the DoubleClick ad network.
  • WikiLeaks Publishes Thousands Of Sony Documents, Emails In Searchable Database
    Whistleblower site WikiLeaks put hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from the Sony Pictures hack into a searchable online archive in the latest setback for a company trying to get past the attack. There are private emails about health questions, but also emails setting up a collective within the corporation to get around the $5,000 limit on corporate campaign donations.
  • Bing's 20% Search Share Could Take More Ad Dollars
    Microsoft Bing passed 20% market share on desktop in the U.S. for the first time in March, per comScore. The shift in search query volume on Bing could tow marketing dollars along with, as brands spend more of their budget in search marketing, though the rate of growth continues to slow.
  • Near Me Searches On Rise
    Major towns in Southern California -- even Los Angeles -- have begun renovating downtown and business districts to build up housing intermingled with local shops. Consumer behavior has prompted the change. We're seeing much more of this in Huntington Beach, near colleges and outdoor shopping centers, where condominiums and apartments reside side-by-side with local shops, creating a neighborhood feel in the middle of larger communities. The Internet enables consumers to find these local shops, especially for new residents or visitors who are not familiar with the surroundings.
  • Amazon Search Share For Products Rises
    Where do you start when searching for products to buy online? About 43% of participants in a recent survey start with Amazon, up from 38% in December. Another 43% said they start with search engines, down from 55% in December.
  • Clinton Announces Run For Presidency As Republicans Strike Back With Online Ads
    Hillary Rodham Clinton's political mavens didn't waste any time posting videos on YouTube to launch her presidential campaign Sunday. The highly coordinated effort of the video focusing on new beginnings got mixed reviews. The reaction from the video showing comments -- as well as thumbs up and thumbs down -- demonstrates the rocky ride the candidate will endure.
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