• Google Search: Reasons Why AI, Machine Learning Expert Earned Keys To Kingdom
    Google's search engine based on machine learning is moving to support an integration with artificial intelligence (AI). Beginning in March, the entire search business will fall into the hands of John Giannandrea, an engineer that runs Google's research division. Here's why.
  • Google Product Listing Ads Off To A Strong Start In 2016
    Google product listing ads saw orders and revenue rise 28% and 19%, respectively, in January 2016 -- the month following a major holiday quarter -- according to data released Thursday. Search traffic fell 4%, and revenue by less than a percentage point. A spike during the New Year's Eve weekend gave way to a decline each week in January.
  • Google Loophole Indexes Publisher Sponsored Content In Google News
    aimClear Founder Marty Weintraub seems to have uncovered what he calls "the greatest ranking algorithm gap in years, allowing marketers to literally buy their way into Google search results with paid content."
  • Super Bowl Taco Bell Brand Chief Mixes In Search
    How does search play a role for Taco Bell? One thing is certain -- it's mixed in with a bunch of other ingredients to make it work.
  • Alphabet: Google Breaks Away From Other Bets
    Alphabet -- the company formerly known as Google -- releases fourth-quarter earnings Monday, the first reporting split into two segments for the company: Google, and Other Bets. That basically means its ad business and everything else. Here's what analysts know.
  • Microsoft Sees Windows 10 Increase Demand For Bing
    Microsoft reported good news during its fourth-quarter earnings call Thursday. The search business saw revenue, excluding traffic acquisition costs, rise 21%. Its latest operating system, Windows 10, created increased usage for the deeply embedded search engine Bing and companion Cortana.
  • Search: Why Marketers Should Rethink The Definition
    Paid-search spend continues to decline. Some would rather hear that "growth continues to slow." Although that's a true statement, some of the marketing budget that historically would be reinvested into search continues to find its way into more personalized media such as email and display.
  • AdGooroo Builds Local Insight To Analyze Competitors' Campaigns
    Kantar Media's search marketing intelligence company AdGooroo launched Local Insight Tuesday to give advertisers a view into the types of paid-search campaigns competitors run in local markets.
  • Google AMP Project To Support Ads When It Launches In February
    When the Accelerated Mobile Pages Program (AMP) launches on Google search in February, it will include basic functions such as the ability to traffic ads with ad servers of your choice and will provide support for multiple demand sources and formats like native ads as well as control of ad placements, and viewability measurement. It also includes integration with more than 20 advertising technology vendors.
  • Holographic, Interactive Search Queries Would Reignite In-Home Experiences
    Imagine looking at a hologram of real-time Bing search queries projected in thin air or against a wall. A point of your finger or the wave of your hand enables you to scroll through the rankings of nearby businesses. It's not far off. In fact, Microsoft's Room2Room augmented reality makes me believe we're one step away.
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