• Microsoft Extends Toyota Partnership
    Toyota Motor Corp. has inked a deal with Microsoft to license its connected vehicle patents in what "Automotive News" calls the company's "most wide-ranging intellectual property agreement with an automaker."
  • How Hooked On Phonics Uses Game App To Grow Customer Base
    The shift to digital drove Austin Feld, director of user acquisition at Hooked on Phonics, to work with Lucktastic, a free app and entertainment site that hosts a high rate of young "highly engaged" mothers on the site -- and enables Hooked on Phonics to reach this demographic, who are more likely to download its app, through video.
  • Google Maps Gets Real-Time Location-Sharing Capability
    Drop a pin and share your real-time location with a specific person for a specific amount of time. Google Maps has begun to allow people to share their location on Android and iOS devices without leaving the app, mobile Web or desktop.
  • Twiggle Gives Online Retailers An Easy Way To Implement Semantic Search
    Most e-commerce companies still rely on keyword matching and behavioral data to power their search, according to Twiggle CEO Amir Konigsberg, who believes this kind of understanding and customer service, which is "effortless for a human store clerk, can now be mimicked by a search engine."
  • Google Broadens Exact-Match Variations In AdWords
    In the coming months, exact-match targeting will take into consideration close variants of words that include abbreviations, adverbs, singular or plurals, and more. The change means Google will ignore word order if the words in the order reflect the same meaning as the original exact match trigger keywords.
  • Google Home Turns Audio 'Content' Into Sponsored Ad
    Audio ads or sponsored content will become the next piece of creative advertising that search engine marketers will purchase and optimize in an effort to get noticed on devices without screens.
  • Paid What You're Worth: How Search Salaries Compare
    CTOs topped the list of the highest-paid digital marketing professionals in 2016, between $140,000 and $241,000 -- even higher than CMOs at between $140,000 and $238,000 or VPs of ecommerce that top out between $138,000 and $226,000, according to a report released Thursday.
  • Yoobi Gains Brand Loyalty From Google Campaigns Running Early In Season
    Google Analytics helped Yoobi marketers discover the shift in the back-to-school season buying trend. Yoobi attributes the uptick to brand awareness, resulting in 40% more searches for Yoobi products on google.com.
  • YouTube Defines Millennials For Advertisers
    This generation may spend most of their money on Amazon, but they turn to YouTube for guidance on making better purchase decisions, according to research.
  • Microsoft Intros Its Own Version Of Playable Ads
    Microsoft's Playable Ads mobile ad unit, previewed last week, lets mobile users interact with ads and apps without the need to leave the application they are in. The new ad unit allows users to try Windows 10 titles without downloading anything.
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