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Is Google Becoming CBS?
That's what Colin Gillis, President, Click Capital, seemed to suggest during the final panel at OMMA Ad Nets, comparing Google to the traditional owned-and-operated network TV programming and distribution model.» 0 Comments
Gillis: Adding Incremental Value Isn't Enough
When is adding incremental value not enough? According to Colin Gillis, President of Click Capital, networks incrementally adding value is not going to be enough to get agencies to use yet another technology.» 0 Comments
300 Ad Networks, What's the Exit Strategy?
During the "Network Survivor" panel at the OMMA AdNets show in New York, Terence Kawaja, Managing Director of GCA Savvian Advisors, pointed out that only 14 ad networks have had exits in the past year. If there are more than 300 nets out there, that's less than 5 percent of the total.» 0 Comments
Why Would Ad Networks Want to Become Media Companies?

 At the OMMA AdNets panel, “The Long Tail Wags Back: Can Ad Nets Be Media Companies?”, an audience member asked the pertinent question: Why do ad networks aspire to become media companies? Why not just partner with one?


Brian Fitzgerald, President and co-founder of Gorilla Nation ...» 0 Comments

Quality Of Reach
Reach vs. quality of reach is a great issue being raised by Wayne Arnold, CEO & Founder of digital marketing agency Profero.

If they’ve got a $100,000 budget, explains Arnold, an advertiser might do better to effectively target and influence 30,000 users rather than get a single, unmemorable ad out to 1 million users.» 0 Comments

Reach: When It Comes To Ad Network Planning, It May Be, Well, A Reach
Ask Brian Fitzgerald, President and Co-founder, Gorilla Nation, what his biggest pet peeve is concerning the way agencies plan advertising network buys, he'll tell you it's that there's "too, too much focus on reach."» 0 Comments
Ads As Media
Shane went so far as to say that ads providing health-related information themselves can be considered media. "Where the line gets blurred is consumers don't care," he said. "Place in the right context, that (health) advertising delivered well is a compelling content understanding."» 0 Comments
Kind Of Like Humpty-Dumpty
To illustrate just how quickly the roles of industry players are shifting, Scott Schiller, EVP, Global Marketing, Glam Media, drew some remarkable examples during the "Long Tail Wags Back: Can Ad Nets Be Media Companies?" panel at OMMA Ad Nets.» 0 Comments
Ad Nets As Publishers
Complimenting the last panel -- which explored the notion of publishers as ad networks -- OMMA attendees are now getting a look at some ad networks testing their merits as publishers.

“In the ad business, we are building new opportunities for marketers,” Peyman Nilforoush, CEO and Co-Founder, NetShelter Technology Media

“We view ourselves as a media services company,” said Scott Schiller, EVP, Global Marketing, Glam Media.

“The more verical you get the more important it is to deliver the right message at the right time,” Jeremy Shane, President and COO, Health Central Network.» 0 Comments

Branded Networks: Cultivating Consumer, Advertiser Trust
Why are big Web publishers forming their own ad networks? Certainly, these brands want to expand their reach, a move which benefits both themselves and the smaller publishers in their network, but Christine Cook, SVP Digital Sales for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, believes that consumers also benefit from Martha's Circle, MSLO's ad network.» 0 Comments
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