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CBS won't follow exactly in Fox's digital footsteps
Fox recently decided to restrict its customers in seeing digital versions of its TV shows through most of its TV distribution partners. Except for some -- including Dish Network, who can view Fox shows the next day after its traditional TV airing -- most of its consumers will need to wait eight days.» 0 Comments
Data, data, data
No surprise, the key to upping video advertising's share of ad dollars is data. But which? Or how?» 0 Comments
One million, two million digital views: Better than cable?
Mass scale? Not there yet for digital/Internet video. Even when original Internet shows can pull in one million or two million views. Jeremy Lockhorn, director of emerging media and video innovation of Razorfish, says many shows on the Internet actually pull in more views/viewers than many cable shows. But it isn't enough.» 0 Comments
What A Load
Listening to comScore's Eli Goodman kick off the "Upping The Load" panel discussion at OMMA Video, I have to wonder how much of an issue it actually is. Despite the massive numbers that Goodman cited about the rapid growth in online video users, he noted they still watch relatively few ads.» 0 Comments
YouTube: The Next MSO?
Is it surprising that YouTube has grown to the size it has -- kind of rivaling a cable multiple system operator. "The scale has surprised me," says Sanjay Sharma, senior vp of strategy & business development/business affairs for Machinima, speaking a OMMA Video in San Francisco. "It mimics TV behavior. People come to it weekly."» 0 Comments
CBS To NBC: Your Online Video Originals Have Essentially Been Branded-Entertainment
Asked what he thinks about NBC's decision to pull back on original online video production, CBS Interactive Senior Vice President-General Manager of Entertainment Marc DeBevoise said he didn't think they were doing much original production in the first place.» 0 Comments
Strong TV Ratings Boost CBS Online
For CBS, its high ratings as TV's No. 1 network are spilling over into success online as well, according to Marc DeBevoise, SVP and GM, Entertainment, CBS Interactive. Speaking in an afternoon keynote talk at OMMA Video on Tuesday, DeBevoise said September was a record month for with 20 million unique visitors. It's also hit an audience of 2 million in a day for long-form streaming content during the month. Helping to drive up the online audience is the network's strong primetime lineup, including the No. 1-rated "Two and Half Men." CBS's two largest traffic days followed the premiere ...» 0 Comments
CBS isn't rushing to create an online paywall
CBS Interactive isn't chomping at the bit to introduce an online paywall around CBS video content...» 0 Comments
Bob Iger Was The Steve Jobs Of Online Video
Steve Jobs may be getting all the posthumous credit for changing the world as we know it, but in terms of the online video world, Brian Danzis, Vice President-Sales, North America, TidalTV, gives most of the credit to Jobs' collaborator Bob Iger.» 0 Comments
more objections to perception gap in ads
More of what I take to be bad news, or at least a wake-up call, for advertisers...» 0 Comments
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