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should we solve the multiple device problem?
Murthy Nukala says no» 0 Comments
friendly advice from Bing to Google

Duane Forrester, senior product manager for Bing, tells Google's Jon Venverloh that Google should use the self-driving cars to implement same-day delivery.  Google, be careful: I think it's a trick! 

interesting choice of metaphors
Google goes Maoist» 0 Comments
Do I need an app?
Like, personally?» 0 Comments
The Dynamics Between Bing, Google
Interesting dynamics at the Search Insider Summit between moderator Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager, Bing, and panelist Jon Venverloh, Head of Platforms, Google Shopping, Google. Not saying bad or good, just an interesting dynamics. Tune in to the panel about site and mobile app search. A lot of good information, such as Google rolling out car search in the bay area.» 0 Comments
Audience Data 'Sucks'
Day 2 of the MediaPost Search Insider Summit got started with a bit of a punch during comScore Eli Goodman's opening keynote.. "Everyone sucks at audience data," said a MediaPost Search Insider Summit attendee. She said BlueKai has her marital status wrong, and pegs her as 20 years younger with a toddler. Wrong. She said don't fight about whether it's a gross rating point (GRP) or impression, but rather figure out how to get the correct audience across media. Goodman talked about how the backbone for analytics will remain GRP until the industry figures out how to do better.» 0 Comments
"retargeting is like a horse"
We're getting folksy at the Search Insider Summit» 0 Comments
will big data replace "top of the funnel"?
Marty Weintraub asks the hard/weird questions» 0 Comments
It's happening again
the Marty Weintraub experience is in full effect» 0 Comments
tough audience question about Xbox
as the general manager of Xbox, David Alles probably gets this alot» 1 Comments
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