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Five Takeaways From OMMA Social
I just finished scanning 28 pages of tweets from OMMA Social San Francisco, which was held on Monday. As the show's chairwoman, emcee, and chief chef, here are my five main takeaways...» 0 Comments
Yesterday Was a Big Day -- For Obama And Social Media, Too
Yesterday's inauguration of Barack Obama as president was, of course, a watershed event in many ways we've grown quite familiar with over the last few months. Now that it's over, and we've been able to digest Obama's speech and his wife's ball gown, let's become more parochial, and also declare yesterday a watershed event in the world of social media.» 0 Comments
Who Wrote the Fairest Tweet of Them All? Our Twitter Business Model Winners
Back in November, you may remember that this column asked for tweets outlining what Twitter's business model should be. The best ideas will be presented at OMMA Social San Francisco, at a panel that will be moderated by Justin Fishner-Wolfson of Founders Fund. So now, after sorting through almost three dozen entries, it's time to tell you all who's going to present, and what their ideas are. Without further ado, save for a drum roll, here they are.» 0 Comments
Not Very Social: Apple's Inability To Engage Gnaws At Its Image
On his Micro Persuasion blog, Edelman's Steve Rubel has an excellent post today titled, "Three Reasons the Internet is Eroding Apple's Mojo." I completely agree that said mojo is eroding, but have been itching to tell you my own thoughts on this. What does Apple have to do with social media? Not much, from the perspective of its own corporate outreach, and that's at the core of the problems it now faces.» 0 Comments