• Marketing Technology Should Help You Win, Not Defeat You
    There is an undeniable tide forcing the rapid progression of digital marketing into the world of advanced, science-based processes. It's not enough to have a hunch that your marketing activities are working. In the new digital landscape, you have to know not only whether or not you are moving the needle --but also how you made it move. This is a strange foreign land for many of the right-brained marketers of the world.
  • Social Media's Route To Retail Revolution: Personalize The Shopping Experience
    Last week, an Amazon.com patent application surfaced, offering the world a glimpse into the future of in-store shopping. The filing described an intelligent, connected storefront in which shoppers are identified through facial recognition and other sensors when they walk in. The store monitors items taken from shelves, as well as prices. Bills are automatically paid upon exit through on-file payment instruments. The system would presumably be smart enough to tell that you decided to put that chocolate milk back and opt instead for water. The funny thing about this futuristic picture of brick-and-mortar, where data are gathered and applied throughout ...
  • Three Major Ways Pinterest's $11 Billion Valuation Might Change Your Social Media Strategy
    What was once a place to collect or "pin" wedding inspirations, get-fit tips and home entertaining ideas to niche "boards" has become the next big way to target female consumers. The social networking site Pinterest recently raised $367 million, making it one of the most valued startups in the world. With a valuation of $11 billion, it's safe to say this is not your mother's scrapbook. Pinterest is said to be using the recent investment to expand its reach internationally (40% of its base is outside of the U.S.), and develop its advertising offerings. So how will all this affect ...
  • Five Things This Marketing Geek Is Hoping For At F8 Facebook Developer Conference
    Video game producers have the Game Developers Conference. Hardware hackers have the Consumer Electronics Show. And Facebook Marketing Partners look forward to the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, held March 25 and March 26. Although it's an event for developers, I join the engineering leadership on my team to geek out about the new advertising and marketing capabilities. My team has been going to F8 since 2010, and the atmosphere has been absolutely infectious at every one we've attended.
  • How Brands Can Avoid The Legal Pitfalls Of UGC Marketing
    A growing fervor for UGC generated on social platforms begs an important question. What do brands need to know about UGC rights issues, and how can marketers make sure they operate within the law? It's an issue U.S. retailer Duane Reade is only too aware of, having been caught up in a lawsuit not long ago for posting a photo (without permission) on Twitter of actress Katherine Heigl holding two of its bags. So what should brand marketers do to avoid similar costly mistakes?
  • Social Media Is Showing Us The Future Of TV
    What do you see when you scan the brains of 300 TV viewers watching their favorite shows? According to the leading expert on TV ratings, the answer is pretty simple: If you want to know what people think when they watch TV, just check Twitter.
  • Snapchat Snubs Gutenberg, Reinvents Publishing
    Snapchat, the popular mobile messaging app famous for self-destructing messages, recently launched a new feature called Discover. It functions as a media portal, allowing publishers to curate a daily mix of short-form content. What makes this particular portal special is a design approach that focuses on the immediate and the ephemeral. In doing so, it has rewritten the rules of publishing and kicked Johannes Gutenberg squarely in the teeth.
  • LinkedIn Joins Ad Network Race
    They say a goldfish will grow as large as the body of water it occupies allows. Social media data is no different. Though powerful when put to work within the boundaries of individual platforms, a much greater potential awaits those who look beyond their pond and out into the sea. Enter social media ad networks.
  • What Marketers Can Learn About Twitter From Pissed-Off High School Kids
    Last month (Jan. 6, to be exact,), the Washington, D.C. area received its first snow of the season -- three to five inches, which sent school boards scrambling to assess driving conditions and whether to delay opening or closing schools for the day. Most school systems got it right, but one didn't -- setting off a social media storm that would take over Twitter.
  • Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack
    I always get a bit nostalgic whenever an iconic American business succumbs to bankruptcy. RadioShack's recent announcement of its Chapter 11 status was even more personal and disheartening for me.
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