• A Eulogy For Vine
    It is ironically fitting that just before the Waterford ball dropped in Times Square to usher in 2016, NBC broadcast a Vine parodying "Bye, Felicia," one of the more pervasive Internet memes of the day.
  • The 1% Are No Different When It Comes To Social
    Will Facebook Live and influencer marketing work with the 1%? Rowan Kelshaw, managing director of The Luxury Network LA, says yes.
  • What We'll Be Talking About In 2017
    Sources from different social-media arenas give us their takes on what will shape the coming year.
  • Trending Social Developments And Issues
    Social media's impact seems to be on the verge of another dimension. Here's a look at a few of the major trends we saw emerging in 2016.
  • Trending Brands In The World's Biggest Focus Group
    Social media research firm Fizziology reveals five brands demonstrating increased online engagement over their competitors -- and which should be ringing up sales big-time in 2017.
  • What's The Research Showing?
    Here are the findings of some recent studies that assess the impact that the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are having on your consumers' daily lives.
  • Lems Takes The Influencer Path
    When I got an email a couple of months ago that Lems was looking for brand ambassadors, my first thought was "if ever there were a brand that I could be a brand ambassador for, this is it."
  • Don't Tell Millennial Women What To Do
    Younger Millennial women turn to Snapchat as the place where they can truly be themselves. And Millennial moms "are driving the conversation online," according to a MediaCafe survey of more than 3,000 women 18-34.
  • #ShopSmall Keeps Getting Bigger
    American Express this year launched Small Shop Studio, which allows small businesses to create and download customizable print and digital marketing assets to promote their businesses.
  • Getting Beyond Vitriol And Conflict
    Social media came of age as a political tool in this election. What a troubled and unruly man-child it has turned out to be.
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