• SamyRoad Brings Its Community Of Content Creators To U.S.
    SamyRoad, a Madrid-based social platform that matches global brands with more than 30,000 creators and oversees their content creation, has launched in the U.S.
  • Millennial Moms Blend Real World, Digital Chats Around Brands
    Millennial moms' conversations about brands have more than doubled from 6% to 14% since 2010 -- but the key takeaway of a new Keller Fay Group analysis is how their "real-world" and digital lives blend.
  • Tommy John Deftly Angles #TrashOneCashOne
    For Tommy John underwear, punter Steve Weatherford challenged fans to post videos and photos of themselves destroying an old pair of their BVDs -- or whatever -- to #TrashOneCashOne on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Creating A Strategy For Your Social Media Content
    "Key Elements for Building a Content Strategy" identifies five archetypes for marketers to choose from to best solve its problem at hand. Social media can play a key role in any of them.
  • WBUR Turns Its Spring Fundraiser Into A Conversation
    Boston public radio station WBUR compressed its spring fundraiser into a "Marathon," using Facebook Live, Twitter and Snapchat to help its listeners come together as a community to reach its ambitious goal of raising $1 million in 26.2-hours.
  • Bezos Family Foundation's Vroom Tips Parents To Teachable Moments
    Vroom, an app specifically for parent of kids from birth through age 5, has been downloaded more than 50,000 times in nearly 140 countries since it went live 18 months ago. The preponderance of reviews give it the maximum five stars.
  • Mining Content For Insight And Profit
    We all know there's gold in key words, whether it's in targeting new consumers or understanding existing ones.
  • Social Media's Power To Heal
    For all the frivolity, banality, time-suck and political nonsense social media have brought into our lives, they also connect like-minded people in ways that greatly amplify notions of family and tribes going back many millennia.
  • The Chat Bots Are Coming! The Chat Bots Are Coming!
    Some of our online discussions are about to be as artificially intelligent as AI can take us -- which may be eerily far, indeed,
  • Live From Burlingame, It's Fitmark Bags
    Since the day last summer that Facebook enabled celebrities such as The Rock and Serena Williams to deliver live feeds on their pages, Fitmark bags CEO Mark Samuel has been anxious to get going real-time himself.
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