• What's The Research Showing?
    Here are the findings of some recent studies that assess the impact that the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are having on your consumers' daily lives.
  • Lems Takes The Influencer Path
    When I got an email a couple of months ago that Lems was looking for brand ambassadors, my first thought was "if ever there were a brand that I could be a brand ambassador for, this is it."
  • Don't Tell Millennial Women What To Do
    Younger Millennial women turn to Snapchat as the place where they can truly be themselves. And Millennial moms "are driving the conversation online," according to a MediaCafe survey of more than 3,000 women 18-34.
  • #ShopSmall Keeps Getting Bigger
    American Express this year launched Small Shop Studio, which allows small businesses to create and download customizable print and digital marketing assets to promote their businesses.
  • Getting Beyond Vitriol And Conflict
    Social media came of age as a political tool in this election. What a troubled and unruly man-child it has turned out to be.
  • Creating A Rosier Future For Women In Tech
    The Computing Technology Industry Association recently resurrected Rosie the Riveter as an IT worker for #MakeTechHerStory, a multipronged campaign aimed at making the tech industry more gender inclusive.
  • Moderating A Shaming-Free Experience
    Raw but shaming-free conversations are the draw at mom.life, which started as a pregnancy tracker called Preggie and recently relaunched to include moms raising kids from birth to about kindergarten age.
  • The Pink Fund Takes Social Into The Community
    Social media has become a key component of The Pink Fund's fundraising and awareness efforts in recent years, although mixing online content with real-world events is where the real magic happens.
  • MoFo Infographic Highlights Social Media Best Practices
    Morrison & Foerster has put together a "Social Media Safety Guide for Companies," a downloadable infographic that highlights best practices and the essential components of a risk-reduction strategy for social media.
  • Acknowledging Our Dopamine-Driven Addiction
    Halley Bock, author and reformed CEO, offer insights into dealing with our pervasive need to post to and check social media.
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