• Papa John Goes Social To Tout Specialty Pies

    In an unusual twist, the company is offering the winner of the promotion a portion of the profits from sales of the top pie, which will join the menu list at restaurants, and $1,000 to help market the pie during the month when the finalists compete for sales volume. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Media: A Framework To Reach Mass Influencers

    Social influencers cannot be ignored. They band together -- billions strong -- and can make or break a campaign, tarnish a brand, or catapult a product line to the top of the "I must have" consumer list. But reaching them means marketers must identify them first. ...Read the whole story

  • NHL Expands Social Networking

    The National Hockey League has launched the next phase of its long-term strategy of taking hockey beyond the NHL.com hub to social-media and complementary sites. The League has begun using new Facebook tools that it hopes will make NHL fans advocates and promulgators of league content and opinions. ...Read the whole story

Great Time To Be A Marketer: Social Energizes Search

All those SEOs out there have a whole new dimension to focus on as they work to optimize Web sites not only for search engines, but also for Facebook. Keyword lists will take on whole new dimensions as semantics, target markets, personal interests, and rising and falling memes become a critical part of deploying ads on Facebook. ...More

  • Bring Pharma Into Social Media Mix

    Digitally enabled social conversations around health are here to stay, and they will play an important role in how people make health decisions. Just as clearly, until pharma becomes actively engaged with those conversations, the potential for social media to positively impact patient health will fall short of its full potential. ...More

  • Search Marketers Poised To Dominate Exploding Growth Of Social Media Advertising

    While the earned side of social media is foundational, "paid media" is quickly entering the social-media stage, at scale. This is going to be a big, well-defined industry, with a lot more clarity, currency exchange and measurable precision than the earned side that social media has surfaced thus far. And this is where performance-based players in search marketing are advantaged, and others clearly are not. ...More

  • Social Moves Into Search Marketing's Space

    Search meet social. Social meet search. The two of you will spend much more time together as brilliant minds continue to find new possibilities to integrate marketing and technology. Some analysts believe the marriage of search and social puts Twitter and other social sites at a "critical juncture," but it remains unclear what revenue these initiatives will generate. ...More