Tuesday, April 27, 2010
  • Papa John Goes Social To Tout Specialty Pies

    In an unusual twist, the company is offering the winner of the promotion a portion of the profits from sales of the top pie, which will join the menu list at restaurants, and $1,000 to help market the pie during the month when the finalists compete for sales volume. ...Read the whole story

    Kodak Builds Social Into Camera, Highlights Search, YouTube In Campaign.

    Search engine marketing has become a bigger piece of Kodak's overall marketing plan, but a new share feature built into a camera takes the campaign into the product's designs. Leslie Dance, Kodak's vice president of brand ...More

    • Opening The Facebook Open Graph Mailbag

      Congrats, Facebook. You've made every media pundit sound like the female leads in "Clueless," forcing us to use the word "like" every fourth word: "So, like, now you can like every webpage, and then like it ...More

    • Great Time To Be A Marketer: Social Energizes Search

      All those SEOs out there have a whole new dimension to focus on as they work to optimize Web sites not only for search engines, but also for Facebook. Keyword lists will take on whole new ...More