Quantifiable Lift With The Addition of Social Media to Advertising

A recent joint study from Nielsen and Facebook, titled "Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression," analyzed survey data from more than 800,000 Facebook users with regard to more than 125 Facebook ad campaigns from 70 brand advertisers. The report provides quantifiable data that can be mapped to trusted advertising benchmarks: Ad Recall, Brand Awareness, and Purchase Intent. ...More

  • One Week After Open Graph Goes Live, Facebook Faces Its Death Panel

    One piece of advice for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whenever he meets with New York senator Chuck Schumer over the social network's privacy: bring a translator, who can explain technology in layman's terms. Because most of the world -- including some very influential organizations, and millions of Facebook members -- have no idea what the Open Graph does, or doesn't do. ...More

  • Kodak Builds Social Into Camera, Highlights Search, YouTube In Campaign.

    Search engine marketing has become a bigger piece of Kodak's overall marketing plan, but a new share feature built into a camera takes the campaign into the product's designs. Leslie Dance, Kodak's vice president of brand marketing and communications, explains what she calls a "360 approach" to rebranding and supporting the company. ...More

  • Opening The Facebook Open Graph Mailbag

    Congrats, Facebook. You've made every media pundit sound like the female leads in "Clueless," forcing us to use the word "like" every fourth word: "So, like, now you can like every webpage, and then like it on Facebook, and then like Facebook pages, and you can like what your friends like, and it's, like, awesome." ...More