Ex-Googler Targets Social Behavior

Media6Degrees relies on social data to target ads to consumers online. Don't call this "behavioral targeting," says Ex-Googler and Media6Degrees CEO Tom Phillips. "It's a loaded word, and that's not what we do. Behavioral refers to observing specific behavior of particular browsers generally not identified beyond browser IDs. Trying to track that behavior is a fool's errand." ...More

  • Social Confusion: Keeping Up With Social Media

    Social media is a natural partner for email marketing. It gives marketers the opportunity to listen to customers, instead of simply talking to them. Here are some tips on how to keep social marketing current so you can keep listening to your customers.... ...More

  • Searching Social Graphs To Clarify Conversations Across The Web (And Spell Check)

    Search engines and technology companies building ad targeting platforms will pay attention to social connections and words used on the Web far more than paid search ads or recommendations. ...More

  • The Devil's Advocate: Should Facebook Just Ignore All This Privacy Nonsense?

    At the risk of turning this column from the Social Media Insider into the Facebook Ranter, let me close my month-long look at Facebook's (maybe too) Open Graph and ask the devil's advocate question: Should Facebook even listen to its critics, or just look at the numbers -- headed to 500 million users within the next several months -- and continue on with its plans? ...More