Tuesday, May 25, 2010
  • Forbes Acquires True/Slant, Leans Social

    Forbes on Tuesday announced the acquisition of social-driven news site True/Slant. Effective June 1, True/Slant founder and CEO Lewis Dvorkin is expected to join Forbes to lead all editorial areas at Forbes as chief product officer. ...Read the whole story

  • Most Vacationers Stay Connected To Internet, Digital, Social Media

    No matter where vacationers migrate this summer, chances are slim that they will completely disconnect from digital media and communications. Indeed, 72.2% travelers in 2010 say they accessed the Internet, email or social media sites while on their last vacation, according to a new study from ad network Burst Media. ...Read the whole story

    First Principles: Before You Begin In Social Media

    I received a call the other day from an organization struggling with their public reputation. "We're just getting slammed," they said. "Bloggers are being mean to us. How can we make them stop?" My question was ...More

    • All Mobile Is Social

      Is all mobile social? More specifically, is all mobile media inherently shareable through digital social channels, and should that be the case? ...More