• Pepsi's Bough Details Its Social Media Cred

    Pepsi established a "Mission Control Center" for Gatorade that takes the brand's pulse 24/7. The center, which looks very much like a NASA control room, tracks in real time analytics for campaigns, web sites, or social channels. The focus is on creating the largest sports brand in the world and one that goes beyond the liquid product. ...Read the whole story

Social Media Driving Consumer Behavioral Changes

According to a recent report from ROI Research Inc., sponsored by Performics, "S-Net The Impact of Social Media," social media permeates consumers' lives and affects communication, shopping and other activities, driving changes in consumer behavior online. The study of 3,000 U.S. social network users delved deeper into how social sites affect family and friend relationships and consumer attitudes towards brands and products. ...More

  • Citizen Journalism Moves Above the Fold With YouTube's CitizenTube

    Some ideas are so obvious that, when they suddenly emerge, you wonder why it took so long for them to develop in the first place. So it is with YouTube's CitizenTube news feed, which launched this week along with the help of students at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. This subsite of YouTube aggregates -- or should I say curates -- citizen news posted to YouTube on one site. (CitizenTube has been around as a channel and concept for awhile, but the news feed treatment takes the idea up a few notches.) ...More

  • What If Social-Media-Like Privacy Concerns Hit Traditional TV?

    A couple of weeks ago, a friend from high school contacted me through Facebook. He suggested I might want to try a new application -- something like "See Who Is Looking at Your Facebook Page." I clicked on -- only to realize a nanosecond later my mistake. Every one of my Facebook friends got a message from me wondering if they wanted to try a new application, finding out who might be looking at their pages. That one click clicked-off my friends the wrong way. ...More