Monday, August 23, 2010
  • AT&T Business Directory Relaunches With Search And Social Focus

    AT&T's business directory reentered the online market Thursday with the launch of its new Web site, complete with geo-location targeting, social services through Facebook and partnerships all with the aim of turning the portal into a community. The focus remains on local businesses and partners. ...Read the whole story

  • Cargill's BiOH Polyols Goes Social For Foam

    "The truth is, BiOH wants to protect its market share. We want consumers to demand BiOH but we are also trying to straighten out the differences. Branding BiOH is what we are paid to do but if consumers get that BiOH is a company educating them about sustainability, that's great. On my own Twitter feed, I'm explaining that really latex -- from rubber trees -- is the only really green option." ...Read the whole story

    Social Media Is About Content, Not Platforms

    Among Gen Y consumers, we identified two groups with that use Facebook and Twitter about the same amount. "Enthusiasts" go online in search of information that supports their offline hobbies and interests such as food, sports, ...More